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Timber Creek Premium Leather Glove - Cordovan Tips

Timber Creek Premium Leather Glove - Cordovan Tips
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Timber Creek Deluxe Reinforced Cordovan leather shooting glove.

This Deluxe full three finger shooting glove, is made from the highest quality leather and has thicker re-enforced Cordovan fingertips for a much smoother release on the string. The premium supple leather makes this glove a joy to wear.
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is this leather?
(Posted on 12/01/2019)
Its an alright glove but mine just didn't seem like real leather, don't know whether its a plasticy substitute or what but compared to my old glove (which was only about £10) this didn't seem to have the same quality
Review by Oliver
Tight fit but stretches nicely to fit
(Posted on 11/01/2018)
When first purchased the glove is tight but after wearing in you find it will stretch like all forms of good leather gloves do. To stretch the glove I wear it around home for a couple of days bending and stretching the fingers. I do this before it goes anywhere near my bow. I found I could then break the glove in quicker, I only shoot #35 bow due to my bow elbow. I found I could still feel the string but it felt natural. The string comes off very smoothly and certainly doesn't impede the string at all. I have shot over 1500 arrows and the glove isn't showing any real signs of wear. Will definitely by a second as a spare.
Review by DaveS
Sizes small and uncomfortable with higher poundage bow
(Posted on 15/01/2017)
Got this glove in Large but it still feels very tight even though I don't have particularly big hands. I shoot a #60 bow and I can really feel the string digging in my fingers after a few shoots. So for me this glove would benefit from a thicker layer of cordovan in the tips.
Review by Sven
good but beware of size
(Posted on 25/10/2016)
Ive never owned another brand, so cant compare, but the glove seems to be good quality and it does what it is supposed to do.
The sizes are a bit odd. I bought size Large and this glove feels very tight. From the beginning o my palm to the tip of the longest finger its about 18 cm = 7.1 inches. The width of my palm is 9.2 cm = 3.6 inches.
Review by Georgios
Shot in and fallen apart!
(Posted on 22/10/2016)
A few months of shooting in and unfortunately this glove has not stood up to the rigours of a 40# flat bow... The stitching has frayed and opened on almost every seam. The Velcro on the overlong strap has all but fallen apart completely. And the shrinking has rendered the fingers too short... A pity as out of the packet this seemed a well made glove and fit very well but it's quality is only appearance... Timber Creek I'm sure are capable of better so perhaps a re design and stronger, better quality thread might be a start...
Review by Jenerik Original
Tell-Sport glove?
(Posted on 17/09/2016)
The medium seems to come up slightly smaller than the Delux version, has a few imperfections in the leather tips, and mine has a Tell-Sport logo embossed on it unlike the Delux version I have which has the Timber Creek logo, which is kind of what I expected on this one too.

A note from Merlin: Hi Mike, I've checked some of the gloves and can see for some reason the manufacturer has an incorrect logo on them. They must have mixed them up at the factory and we hadn't noticed, Happy to accept a return if you wish? Please contact our support team if needed. Thanks.
Review by Mike
(Posted on 18/07/2016)
Ordered on Friday, shipped the same day, arrived on Monday morning and came out the packet a perfect fit... Nice grip and smooth release from the tips... Comfortable leather... If I had to pick a negative I'd say the wrist strap is a little generous in length but this is easily adapted... Only been shooting for a day but every shot was smooth as silk so glove feels supple but tough at the same time which is what I like... Great product and great service all round I'd say...
Review by Jenerik Original
Good quality but beware of sizes.
(Posted on 25/06/2016)
Wonderful glove but size L is really small.
Review by Johan
Great! Does what it says on the tin
(Posted on 30/01/2016)
Bought this as my fingers were getting sore very quickly when shooting and, quite simply, it does what it says on the tin! I'm able to shoot for longer with far less discomfort.

The leather is attractive, soft and breaks in quickly. The size was accurate to the size that I usually wear in everyday gloves; medium. My handling of the arrows when wearing the glove was a little more clumsy, though I expect it will get easier as I get used to wearing the glove, but my release when shooting was no worse then what it's usually like (as a beginner I wont say that my technique's all that good yet!). All in all, a very good buy in my opinion!
Review by Maia
Where has TC been hiding?
(Posted on 15/01/2016)
I bought this glove after my old Mac glove had finally worn out. At first I was unsure as I had never of the Timber Creek brand but after the first arrow was loosed I loved it. The glove is extremely comfortable and needed no breaking in which was amazing. The additional protection of the Cordovan Tips provided the extra support needed when gripping the string but with no loss of feel to the string.

A glove I can highly recommend. Great job Timber Creek!!
Review by JT
Probably the best glove on the market
(Posted on 14/01/2016)
This is a fine shooting glove! Beautiful supple leather that didn't need any breaking in!
I have to slightly disagree with the previous review regarding the sizing.... I've always used a medium glove whether that was a bearpaw or a MAC and the medium Timbercreek glove fits me perfectly! But whenever I have had sizing issues on anything else in the past Merlin have always swapped it over for me :)
I love the Cordovan tips!
Review by The Bear
Size matters !!!
(Posted on 03/01/2016)
The quality of the leather is very good and the cordovan finger tips are excellent, very smooth and big issue though is the sizing! I have several shooting gloves , all in size (L).... as was this one is way too small at least on my hand. As such it really is no use at all, so if you want one of these (and why not the actual quality of the leather IS very nice indeed ) over the counter and TRY IT ON FIRST !......
Review by Madade

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Timber Creek Premium Leather Glove - Cordovan Tips - Extra Small

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