Archery Sets & Kits

We have compiled a range of archery kits to help make buying a bow easier. Some are pre-packed kits as supplied to us from the manufacturer. Others are kits that we build from a variety of different components. 

But remember; these kits are just a small selection of what is possible. We offer an infinite amount of possible combinations! 

From old fashioned wooden bows with feathered arrows, to gadget powered compound bows and release aids. 

If there is a style of bow you really fancy, but are feeling a bit anxious about making a mistake, give us a call and we would be happy to put something together for you. 

Go on…  You know you want to.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  It might as well be here! 

We usually class ‘Leisure Bow’ as lower in power and economically priced.   

They are still the real deal and shoot real arrows, so do not mistake these for toys!  

Safety should still be paramount, and children should be supervised at all times. 

A simple, low cost way of trying a bow and arrow. 

For beginners wanting to experience archery with a more traditional feel, we’ve assembled some great value kits containing everything you need to get started without breaking the bank. 

Our recurve bow kits are a popular starting point for many archers.   

We have selected the components ourselves to offer both great value and good performance.   

These kits are aimed at the beginner archer who wants the next step up from our ‘Leisure Bow’ range and provide all the essentials in one package. 

If compound is your thing, then perhaps using one of our compound kits will be easier than figuring out what components are needed if you were to build your own.   

Remember, we can help you build your own compound kit if there is a particular model compound you would like but is not listed as a kit.  (There are 100’s!)    

Just drop us an email and we’ll work it out for you.