Exchange Rates

Merlin Archery Ltd is a UK company and all transactions will be in GB Pounds Sterling.

If you are purchasing from outside the UK, for your convenience we have provided a currency switcher that displays a price in Euros or US Dollars.

At the point of payment, the final transaction price will be displayed in GB Pounds Sterling and you will be committing to pay in GB Pounds Sterling.

The actual Euro or USD exchange rate may vary when comparing our website exchange rate, with your bank or credit card company exchange rate.

Please check with your bank or contact your credit card company to establish a precise exchange rate before committing to the purchase in GB Pounds Sterling.

We will not refund (or charge extra) any difference between what you may have expected to have been charged in Euros or US Dollars, compared to what you were actually charged in GB Pounds Sterling.

We do not accept payments in Euros or US Dollars.