Not the type you write on your score card. If we could sell those type of points we certainly would! (and at VERY competitive prices, of course..) 

No, these are the pointy bits on the end of your arrow. 

For every given model of point, there are often multiple variants of weights and sizes.   

Manufacturers of arrow shafts provide arrow selection charts, and using these charts will help identify which weight and size will fit. 

Experimenting with point weights will change how your arrow tunes.   

Using a lighter point will ‘stiffen’ the arrow behaviour and a heavier point will ‘weaken’ the arrow behaviour. 

The better tuned your arrows, the more ‘points’ you will score. 

A good quality hot-melt glue which remains flexible when cool is the best for these types of points. Your typical glue gun stick is not good enough and you may end up leaving points behind in the target. 

Three different fixture methods are available. Taper fit, taper screw fit and parallel fit.  

All are perfectly valid methods of attachment - as long as the shaft is properly prepared to match. 

A good quality taper tool will make the whole job easier. 

We know the subject of bowhunting generates passionate discussion.  

We also know that bowhunting is a passion for millions of archers around the world.  

To service those archers we offer a comprehensive range of broadheads to accommodate all situations. 

Please note; It is illegal to hunt with a bow in the UK! 

These are age restricted products. To buy these you must be 18 years or older. 

Convenient when you need to experiment with different point weights, and easy to replace when damaged. 

Just to clarify, blunts do not make arrows safe. They simply make then less dangerous... And even then, only on light weight bows. 

But blunts are also good for 'nock-down' targets, re-enactment and roving. 

Every screw-in point requires a point insert.  

Be sure to make sure the insert will match both the point and the shaft. 

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