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Timber Creek Leather Bracer - Nomad

Timber Creek Leather Bracer - Nomad
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Premium Leather Armguard From Timber Creek
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Light weight, robust, comfortable - everything you need!
(Posted on 12/02/2018)
I've had this bracer for way over a year now and I agree with the praise below. Light weight, robust, covers a large surface area, so comfortable you don't even realise you're wearing it.

I personally have not had a problem with the hooks bending, I think I would struggle to deliberately bend them to be honest – they’re tough.

Truth be told I’m not overly keen on the shape of this bracer. I think the waved shape is unnecessary, however I purchased this item off the back of the video review posted by Aaron below as I wanted a good effective and efficient product, which this defiantly is!
Review by Darren
Pretty good bracer
(Posted on 16/08/2016)
Very nice leather which is comfortable to wear but tough enough to take a hit from a bowstring and not be damaged. Only problem with it is that the metal hooks were bent in on themselves making them too small to fit the cord. Not a problem if you have some cord of your own or if you're ok with removing the hooks.
Review by Aaron
Simple, good-looking and works. Timbercreek on-form!
(Posted on 17/06/2016)
It's great when a product is simple, great-looking and inexpensive! Timber creek have done it again with this great armguard! Had mines for about 6 months and its a joy to use! It stays in place, is easy to adjust to your arm and stops my #50 Timbercreek Cottonmouth from giving me string slap! Its also not too thick as to interfere with the string during the shot. Great piece of kit!

Check out my Youtube review of this cracking armguard here:
Review by Nathan Skyrme

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