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Mybo Telescopic Arrow Tube

Mybo Telescopic Arrow Tube
Product Code:719810
In Store Price:£7.50

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Black moulded plastic with screw top and shoulder strap.

Adjustable in length between 70cm and 100cm secured with a 'twist-lock' action. 9cm diameter.
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BUY.... you will be pleased you did
(Posted on 27/08/2015)
Excellent Tube, bought one because they were a bargain and then another two because they were so good. Nice solid feel and I like the clear end cap that you can pop off and put your labeling in without using any glue. I used the foam packing that Merlin kindly supplied to cut 4 circles, using the cap as a guide and fitted them each end as 'Graham' advised. No rattle nice and snug with full length arrows, only missed on 5 stars as I find the length locking a little too free but don't want to glue it as I like the adjustability. >>>>==========>
Review by JoN
good starter arrow tube
(Posted on 11/02/2015)
bought this case for the family to use as we've all just started archery, very happy with it but would recommend
putting some foam in the bottom and the top of the cap to dull the sound of the arrows rattling, putting foam in the screw on top would also protect the nocks, great pice of kit for the money.
Review by graham

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