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Mybo Sight Case - Recurve

Mybo Sight Case - Recurve
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Padded case will hold most sights with detatchable pin/scope.  Nylon outer, chunky zip and internal pouches.

Approx size: Height: 19cm, Length: 31cm

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Decent.... Could be improved
(Posted on 28/01/2015)
I've had this case for a bout a week now and it came with my Tri Axis Sight, I will give it some more time before reviewing that but at the moment things are looking up for it. anyway this sight case does its purpose no doubts about that, it has space for the sight and scope which is soft lined and wont damage the contents. in the whole I can only find two flaws in it:
a) As Peter has already said it is quite narrow and I think anyone who has the option to quick detach their scope and leave the sight whole would do so, however because of the width of the case the windage knob makes a bulge in the case, this damages nether the case or the sight within however on seeing this bulge I am not entirely convinced that my £250+ sight equipment is entirely safe. so there's that.
b) As far as I know Merlin make the Mybo brand and if I am correct the also made the Mac brand and you may have noticed that there is a Mac sight case that is (from the pictures) completely identical to this but cheaper. Now I do not have the Mac case so I can only speculate but if the same people built the case and they look the same in a picture then that also suggests that they have the same width flaw, however all the same it's cheaper. So I don't understand the point of this particular case anymore when there is an identical one, cheaper and made by the same people.
This case is good, else I wouldn't still be using it. In my opinion all Mybo equipment is of good quality like seriously they all just are properly well made, however I do think that sometimes the pricing is a bit too high.
Review by Adil
Mmmmm...not sure
(Posted on 30/08/2014)
Looks like this would be great if you disassemble your sight after every time you shoot, but not much use if, like me, you want to leave your pin in place as it's very narrow (about 3 cm)
Review by Peter

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