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Mybo Crescent Clicker

Mybo Crescent Clicker
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Unique clicker with crescent design, ensures contact accuracy with arrow point, no matter what angle the clicker is positioned.

Right and Left Handed versions available.
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Good but sharp
(Posted on 30/08/2017)
Loads the arrow well through the raised some section, though this is not really necessary on my riser which has a low section for the same purpose. Fits on well and is solidly manufactured. My one complaint is the blade is quite sharp and removes a vane every time I shot through the clicker, which happens now and then. 4 stars for that reason. I would love this to have a plastic blade cover like the beiter.
Review by Gareth
very good
(Posted on 23/03/2016)
As with mostt of the mybo range this clicker is well built performs well and is reliable the only negative i found was it has a habit of rattling on the release . This does not affect how it works but just irritated me
Review by Dan
Good cliker But
(Posted on 24/03/2015)
The supplied hex Bolt strips very easily suggest you use something a bit more substantial as it is a sod to get out once the hex insert has stripped. Apart from that it is a good clicker and the raised section makes arrow insertion very easy.
Review by Brian
(Posted on 17/11/2013)
I've been trying various clickers of the past few weeks and had problems with all of them - mainly because they were too quiet or they wouldn't stay in place, often both. The Mybo crescent was easy to install and, once I'd given the blade a bit of a bend (well, a lot of a bend - originally it wasnt even touching the riser) it gave a nice loud click with no arrow bounce (can happen if the clicker pressure is strong enough to push in the button).

The crescent blade does make it easy to ensure that it's always the very tip of the arrow that is the last point of contact, but my favourite design feature is the raised semi-circle that makes it so much easier to slide the arrow under the blade.

So far I've had no problems with the position moving - but we'll see how well it's doing in a few months.
Review by Frank

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Mybo Crescent Clicker - Right Handed
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Mybo Crescent Clicker - Right Handed

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Mybo Crescent Clicker - Left Handed

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