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Mybo Basic Armguard

Mybo Basic Armguard
Product Code:702233
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Simple bracer with adjustable velcro straps. Artificial leather material. Approx 170mm long.
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Good for Beginners, but not much more
(Posted on 06/07/2017)
I don't have comparisons, but here are my thoughts:

The arm guard fits relatively nicely on the arm, although I find it to be a bit stiff and would probably invest into a more elastic leather guard, soon. In terms of size, it does the job for an average 175cm tall person with normal-long arms.
The straps can be a bit annoying if you aren't too thick around the arm, as the excess bit will hang over the guard the way I've used it so far. It doesn't make the guard work less, but can distract a bit if you need to focus.

If you just started and need the essentials, I can recommend it, but only if you either go for a more luxurious one later on or will shoot without a guard at some point. For the price, it was worth it.
Review by Dominik
Cheap and less bruising
(Posted on 21/07/2016)
For less than a fiver this does the job nicely... Good amount of coverage and feels solidly constructed... Velcro straps can be replaced with clip straps or elastic loops should you wish to upgrade it but at the asking price this is fine!
Review by Jenerik Original
Good for the price.
(Posted on 08/07/2016)
Pretty good and comfortable except, as others have said, the straps are hard to use. If you just strap up its never tight enough since using one hand. I used my mouth to help but was awkward, going to get elastic added.
Review by Wayne
nice guard, annoying staps
(Posted on 26/10/2014)
I find the guard bit is well made and covers my forearm really well; however the Velcro straps are annoying as, unlike elastic straps, they are fairly wide and don't flex very well to accommodate the curve of your arm muscle.

I'm thinking I might replace the Velcro with elastic straps or just get a different armguard.
Review by OwenB
(Posted on 01/06/2014)
Does the job but I find the straps quite annoying.
Review by Laura
Spot on!
(Posted on 04/02/2013)
Fantastic price for a great quality guard, plenty of room for adjustment for the size of your arm and extremely comfortable. A good buy!
Review by Alex
Does what it needs to
(Posted on 23/01/2013)
Very comfortable to wear and most importantly, does what it's supposed to. Super price too.

Only issue I had was the shorter strap would slip out of the buckle when trying to fasten it. A couple of stitches in the strap have solved this brilliantly.
Review by Phil
good and comfortable
(Posted on 03/05/2012)
This is good for beginers who do not want to spend much on a first bracer as it is comfortable and most importantly helps.
Review by Kieran
(Posted on 19/04/2012)
good value for money, solid enough to take prolonged use and so comfortable you don't even notice its there!
the only slight problem is your arm can get a tad warm under the leather in the sun but this is only a minor issue.
Review by Richard

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