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Cartel Fletching Jig - Standard

Cartel Fletching Jig - Standard
Product Code:701091
In Store Price:£20.63

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Great fletching jig at a great price. All metal construction fletches carbon, aluminium and wood shafts. Adjustable fletch angle, 3 or 4 fletch positioning.

Fletches Vanes/Feathers Upto 6"
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Only Jig you'll ever need
(Posted on 07/02/2019)
Good Value, well made; if looked after it will last you years.
The amazing team set mine up and greased it for me, all part of the service apparently. Not that you get this service anywhere else!
Review by Andrew
All you need at a sensible price
(Posted on 31/08/2017)
Great Jig, had mine over 3 years now. One review says "I've had two of these in the last three years and in both cases the bearing have gone".
Well, it doesn't have any bearing!!!
Undo the grub screws and take the shaft out, then put a bit of copper grease on the shaft and it will last you for years.
Review by Streborp
Quality entry level fletching jig
(Posted on 30/07/2017)
I've been using this jig for about a year, and have fletched and refletched many arrows in that time. It's still going strong. All metal construction means it should be durable, it's easy to scrape any stray glue off, and I haven't had an issue with the bearing. At least one archery club has put instructions for this jig online which is helpful (google it) and it really is quite simple to use. It is helpful to have a fletched arrow to help set up the vane angles initially. You can fletch totally straight, or offset at a slight angle to impart more spin. It doesn't do helical fletching (the Midas MX jig does this, however). I'd buy it again.
Review by Jon
Common problem
(Posted on 17/07/2016)
I've had two of these in the last three years and in both cases the bearing have gone.
Review by Stewart
More bang for your buck
(Posted on 15/09/2015)
Just took delivery and very impressed so far.

Review by David
(Posted on 07/09/2015)
Just bought a second one and set it up for the wife's compound arrows so that we have dedicated equipment as I am not it to 'Black Arts'. A great jig well worth the money and its price is cheap.
Review by Owen
Great Product
(Posted on 13/07/2015)
Excellent item at a very good price. Very easy to use and does a superb job. No instructions but if you belong to a club there is always someone willing to help for the first timer.
Review by Owen
great for the price
(Posted on 15/04/2013)
love this jig ... now using instead of my tower jig for straight fletch, first off grea price, 2nd its metal so easy to clean off any glue using a blade.... once set up you cant fault it, it would get 5 stars

apart from...

out of the box needs figuring out... you need to download instructions but easy to find off google

you can only fletch straight not helical

but for under £16 you just cant go wrong!
Review by Dean
Works well
(Posted on 22/02/2013)
A very good jig for the price, as mentioned you will need to download the instructions. The first job to do is use a marker to mark the 120 points for easy reference and your preferred nock length
Review by Dave
Cheap and does the job well
(Posted on 05/02/2013)
Easy to use, once you've figured out how.

Fix it to a bench or a small board for stability while gluing the vanes in place.
There are two grub screws that control the rotation of the arrow shaft.
The forwardmost one gives 3 vanes per arrow and the other gives 4.

Just check all the screws on delivery and make sure that the small screws holding the rotating end in place, haven't stripped their threads, though a dot of glue solves the problem anyway.
Review by David
Does a good job
(Posted on 14/09/2012)
Easy to use, even for a first timer. Instructions don't come with it, but they can be downloaded. Allows you to do 3 or 4 fletched arrows and from straight to angled along the shaft.
Review by Foobs
Great product
(Posted on 08/07/2012)
A great product for the price that can easily fletch 3/4 fletchings to a shaft. Good quality and easy to use (I made a mark on the centre nock position to make things a little easier). Highly recommended for someone who does fletching every now and again
Review by Blain
one of the best priced jigs
(Posted on 24/06/2012)
Great price well build, as with previous reviewer, no instructions, though that can be downloaded from the site. Even for a 1st time fletcher I was able to fletch a dozen arrows easily. Just wish that they would do a helical clamp.
Review by Richard
Cant complain for the price
(Posted on 12/04/2012)
Brilliant price for the jig excellent quality.
Does not come with any instructions, so for someone whos never done any fletching before may get confused. All you need to do is take out the middle screw so it will click at every 120 degree turn and set up the backing plate (one with the magnets) so it sits dead center of your shaft and your flecthing, simples.
Review by Craig

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