Barnett Brotherhood Camocat Bow Set

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Barnett Brotherhood CamoCat Youth Compound Bow Package.

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Product Code: 810625

Barnett Brotherhood Camocat Bow Set

Product Code: 810625

Barnett Brotherhood Camocat Bow Set

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This complete compound style bow kit by Barnett is designed to offer budding archers everything they need to start their shooting hobby.

Perfect for younger shooters or those who are more experienced but looking for something suitable for home/back garden use. The soft touch rollers allow the bow to be shot comfortably without a glove or tab.

The Tomcat features an adjustable 60 - 70% let-off and has an adjustable 21 - 23" draw length as well as an adjustable draw weight from 16 - 22 lb. This bow comes equipped with a 3-pin fiber optic “Brightglo" sight, Arrow Rest, Quiver with 2 Arrows and soft touch finger rollers.

Our Suggested Age Range: 10+


  • Right-Handed bow
  • 60 - 70% let-off
  • Draw Weight: 16-22 lb
  • Draw Length: 21-23" (adjustable in 1" increments)


  • Soft touch finger rollers
  • Two arrows
  • Arrow rest
  • Quiver
  • Fibre optic sight

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