Axcel Accutouch Hunting Sight - 5 Pin

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The Accutouch series of sights hits the pin slider market with a bang.

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Product Code: 726636

Axcel Accutouch Carbon Pro Slider Accustat Sight - 5 Pin

Product Code: 726636

Axcel Accutouch Carbon Pro Slider Accustat Sight - 5 Pin

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Pick it. Click it. Stick it! The Accutouch series of sights hits the pin slider market with a bang.

Combining the hottest technology with the hottest features archers demand! Patent pending Accu-Clicks™ makes this state-of-the-art single pin slider sight function like a multi-pin sight. Set each Accu-Click™ at a specific distance (i.e. 20yards, 30 yards, etc.) so that the slider will stop where you want it. Simply “Pick” your distance, “Click” it into place, and “Stick” your target! A 45-degree rear-facing sight scale allows easy recognition of where the sight pointer is set, which is teamed with Accu-Clicks™ that allows the archer to easily set their sight from an arm’s length away!

The Accutouch sight brings new technology to the sight market as a whole with a patent pending, adjustable red elevation tension lever. this tension lever provides the archer with their own personal choice of how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar. The Accutouch sights feature all axis leveling capabilities from the first axis adjustment where NO shims are needed to the ever popular, separate 2nd and 3rd axis leveling on the head of the scope attachment! Another feature of the Accutouch is the windage lock button that, when engaged, does not allow the micro-adjustable windage knob to turn. Simply disengage the windage lock to make a windage adjustment.

The Accutouch also features a superior windage dovetail guide system that provides zero backlash and elevation adjustment that won’t fall off the sight when you reach the maximum range of elevation travel. These features are demanded when in the heat of the moment, and when seconds could cost you that big game animal of a lifetime! The Accutouch is available with a Mathews® Harmonic Damper direct mount version as well as a non-damper direct mount version which are paired with the X-31 measuring 1 3/8” or the AV41 scope, measuring 1 3/4” diameter for a wide field of view.

The Accutouch Pro is a dovetail version featuring a 6” carbon bar, designed with the most advanced composite carbon technology. The Accutouch Carbon Pro bar features a higher weight to strength ratio as compared to similar aluminum models. The Accutouch Carbon Pro can be paired with the X-31 or AV41 scope which are sold with .019. The accutouch plus combines the Accuview Plus Scopes to the popular Accutouch slider sight, featuring a Rheostat cover to vary the brightness of the pin, the Torque Indicator, and the Crosshair insert for easier aiming in a ground blind. All versions of the Accutouch sold with the X-31 or AV41 scope can be selected with either 0.019” or 0.010” green, blue, yellow, or red fiber optic ring pins.

The Accutouch is also sold without a scope configuration, making it versatile for those that want to incorporate their own choice of scopes and pins by connection through the non-threaded or threaded scope barrel currently used on our target sight models. The real #1! The Accutouch slider sight. Leading Technology, Proven Results


  • Separate 2nd and 3rd axis leveling
  • Windage lock button
  • Patent pending Accu-Clicks™
  • Adjustable red elevation tension lever
  • 45-degree rear-facing sight scale

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