AAE Gold Micro Button

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Micro adjustable pressure button/plunger from AEE.

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Product Code: 810087

AAE Gold Micro Button

Product Code: 810087

AAE Gold Micro Button

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The Gold Micro Button has been designed for the most discriminating archers.

Incorporated in the design are several features and improvements that will help you adjust your plunger to achieve the arrow flight and accuracy you need for world-class performance.

With the help of Olympic Silver Medalist Jake Kaminski, AAE has created a new ultra-lightweight carbon stem that reacts faster than any plunger ever made. Combined with our Signature Teflon sleeved stainless steel barrel, accuracy gains are unparalleled.

AAE and Jake have also developed a new stem tip using aerospace materials that lasts incredibly long while no damaging carbon or aluminum arrows. Complete with replaceable/adjustable springs and an extra carbon stem with a Teflon® tip for aluminum arrows.

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