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Timber Creek Leather Pocket Quiver

Timber Creek Leather Pocket Quiver
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This pocket quiver, made from quality treated leather, can be placed on a belt and worn from the hip or simply placed inside your back pocket. It holds a small number of arrows so it's perfect for those wanting to travel light.
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A bit disappointing
(Posted on 17/12/2016)
I bought this as I have been unhappy with bow quivers, back quivers and side quivers in the past and wanted to give pocket quivers a try. You don't get a lot of leather for your money so I was expecting build quality to be good.

The quiver looks quite nice, the belt attachment works well, and it holds more arrows than expected (8 axis sized or 6 11/32 woodies) however there are a few issues I have with build quality:
First is that the stitching is basic, it isn't in a stitch groove and not protected by a welt, I expect my quiver to need re-stitching sooner rather than later as my arrows poke through.
Second the leather is really quite thin. This makes the front pocket quite loose, unless you have a full complement of arrows they tend to flop around, I even had some fall out on a field course. I modified the quiver by adding a line of Corby bolts down the centre, splitting the quiver into two smaller pockets, which make it stiffer and hold the arrows more firmly. I like it now, but think it should be better out of the box for this price.
Review by Mark

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