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Timber Creek Leather Back Quiver Big Bear Delux Brown

Timber Creek Leather Back Quiver Big Bear Delux Brown
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The big bear deluxe quiver is made from heavy duty quality suede and decorated with feathers. It's three point harness makes it very comfortable and secure to wear. It can hold up to 24 arrows in its faux fur lined opening which makes for reduced arrow noise, this with its large zip fronted pocket can hold all manner of accessories. Making this quiver perfect for long archery adventures.
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Best backquiver ever!!!
(Posted on 24/04/2016)
I originally wanted the tan version, however since it seems to not be coming back in stock soon, i treated myself to the brown version. I don't think theres any difference between the two, only colour, But what im certain about is that this is the best back quiver i have ever had! The fur detail is beautiful and the feathers add a very traditional look to it. The three straps makes it very stable on your back when walking and does not move once it is adjusted to your likeing. The top is devided into 3 parts to sort your arrows and can easily hold up to 24 arrows. I have 12 arrows in it and theres plenty more room. The only problem i had was that the top strap that goes over your shoulder was to long, so i personally added a an additional hole and now its perfect for me.
Buy this back quiver and you will love it!
Review by Jaris

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