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Shibuya Ultima Compound Carbon 520 Sight - CPX

Shibuya Ultima Compound Carbon 520 Sight - CPX
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The new Ultima CPX range builds on the podium winning performance of the Ultima CP.

The Scope block has been upgraded and now incorporated an upgraded version of the X-Lock System giving a smooth accurate operation for both windage and elevation.

The Tria-Lock system offers unprecedented levels of ruggedness and stability for rattle free operation.

This really is the Ultimate Compound Sight. (Scope not included!)
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Expensive but pleased !!
(Posted on 15/09/2014)
I've been using this now for 6 weeks, and like most things in archery I think you buy cheap once, then by expensive from then onwards, coz it's cheaper in the long run.

This works, it's repeatable and easy to use. Compared to other sights it's graduated correctly in cm, mm, then 20 clicks per cm. some of the alternatives I looked at weren't.

I'm getting repeatable sight marks from week to week.

I'll echo online comments and say the plastic thread is showing some wear, but if that turns out to be something I have to replace every year, so be it.

I've been shooting compound for 6 months, and I'm easily putting in 3rd and 2nd class using this up to 60yds.

I'm also at a point now where I can estimate distance missed on target to clicks or graduations on the sight, so in other words it repeatable and works.
Review by Dr Rob

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