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Mybo Clearview Recurve Scope - Incl. Nikon Lens (Complete)

Mybo Clearview Recurve Scope - Incl. Nikon Lens (Complete)
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The 'Clear View' scope has been designed for Olympic style recurve bows and is legal for FITA competitions. Built using high end Nikon optics, best quality components and includes a customisable aperture kit. All this combines to offer the perfect aiming solution. Features: Zero magnification,

  • Nikon Lens CNC Machined aluminium housing 

  • 7 Piece interchangeable aperture set 

  • Red and green fibre optic included 

  • 8x32UNC thread 


Outside diameter = 22mm,  Housing width = 15mm , Lens diameter = 17mm

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solid, good sight, *mod option
(Posted on 10/10/2016)
day 1 of using this sight. It was bought for indoors as i have problems gathering my usual. sight in artificial light and im cross eye dominant. The halo circle around it really stands out making it easy to gather. The flouro is just as pants as those on a titan sight indoors, cut to 2 cm it just doesnt stand out and its slightly too small for the hole which is annoying...... however the lens hole *accepts a spigarelli flouro pin beautifully so ive threaded one through (green) and tucked the remainder through my sight block chopping it in half cos its just a tad too long, works a charm and beautifully bright so thats a couple of pound well spent and a definate consider. I would also consider just a *dab of threadlock where the sight mounts to the bolt as it loosens pretty easy (dont want to tighten too much asits alloy) , no great shakes. all in all exactly what i wanted given a slight and well recommended modification straight from the box
Review by Bigyin
not a bad buy
(Posted on 09/06/2016)
this is a nice, well made bit of kit. it seems solid enough and being able to change both the color of the center pin and the aperature is a nice touch
Review by will

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