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Mybo 80cm Garden Target

Mybo 80cm Garden Target
Product Code:716538
In Store Price:£45.00

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Specially designed laminated foam target, ideal for use with lightweight entry level archery kits.

• Laminated Foam Construction (layer colour may vary)
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Weatherproof
• Suitable for all arrow types
• Designed for use with lightweight entry level bows.
• Detachable foam legs included (59cm x 20cm x 6cm)
• Target Body: 80cm x 80cm x 7.5cm
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Good value
(Posted on 28/03/2017)
Bought this product so I could get some practise in at home. I have a nice long garden so 30m distance is not problem.

My bow is a 68'' 32lb pull. The arrows did pierce the target by about 3-4 cm on each shot. so don't put anything behind it or hang it on a shed door!

The feet are sturdy enough and the boss does not move. All in all I am happy.
Review by Baggywrinkle
happy but a tad expensive
(Posted on 29/12/2015)
its a very effective target for the moment. ive had mine since the start of november and ive shot the crap out of it since and (500 hits?) bear in mind that it is a disposable item that will need replacing when you buy it as you will eventually shoot it to pieces just remember to move your actual aimimg point around so you dont just wear a hole of out the middle also turning the target 10 degress from perpendicular will give it some extra life when it get older.
Review by bob
It's pretty inexpensive, but it shows in use.
(Posted on 04/07/2014)
I ordered one of these, which arrived about a week ago. I'm already looking at a replacement as arrows that hit the middle are already going pretty much straight through and this is only out of a 66" 28lb bow at around 11 yards. I would recommend it for junior archers to practice on as it is fairly inexpensive, but I'll be looking for something a little more durable next I think.
Review by Paul
(Posted on 08/04/2013)
little bit pricy for those of you with some technical skill i recommend buying some thick foam board however if you have the money this is a great product
Review by nicholas

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