Custom Made Arrows Agreement

A little bit of background for you to help you understand the custom arrow ordering process and some of the issues to watch out for.

From our point of view, there are a zillion combinations of arrows.  We have tried to simplify our custom arrow ordering process as much as possible, but it is an impossibly huge task for us to automate the selection of compatible components. 

We can’t catch every order of non-compatible components at the point of order, and we can’t know if the arrows you have ordered online will match your bow.

But what we do have is a very knowledgeable customer service team and expert technicians who can answer any questions prior to your ordering of arrows and they are there to help you choose the perfect arrow. 

If you have any doubt what point weight you need, or which nock groove size you need, or even if you need to know which is the pointy end, please get in touch first.  We will be happy to help!

It’s common for us to receive an order for arrows where one of the requested components doesn’t exist or doesn’t fit. Our Fletchers are excellent, and do pick up these issues when they come to build the arrows, however, it can cause delays. 

We have added some helpful ‘Tool Tips’ next to each of the selections to help explain what the options mean. 

One of our most common questions is: How do we measure arrows?

Answer:  We use the AMO method for both shafts and fully made arrows.

The term ‘AMO’ stands for Archery Manufacturers Organisation.  They produce a set of standards the archery industry can work to. 

AMO Arrow Length is the measurement of an arrow taken from the bottom of the groove of the nock, to the end of the shaft.  (Not including the points or point inserts).

AMO is the standard we work to.

AMO Arrow Length

Please note that different types of nocks will vary in length.  We will use your selected nock when cutting the shafts.  If no specific nock is specified, we will use standard components.

Our cutting tolerances are + - 1/16”

There are some excellent resources on each arrow manufacturers websites. They will have arrow spine selection charts and component compatibility charts. 

To find your AMO Arrow length, you will need to know your AMO Draw Length.  See our video below explaining how to find your AMO Draw Length.

Your fellow club members are also a great resource.  If you don’t know if you will need a small groove or large groove nock, ask to try one of your club mates arrows on your string for fit.  Your club will most likely have a bow scale to weigh your bow. 

You will notice we have included a comments box on the arrow ordering page, so you can provide your preferences.

Below are 2 examples of the comments we would expect to receive.


Example 1: Someone who knows exactly what they want when ordering ACC Arrows


Cock fletch 1.75" Neon Orange. Product Code: 707025

Hen fletches 1.75" Black.  Product Code: 707026


G-Nock - Small Groove - Orange. Product Code: 706361

Orientate for regular finger release.


Easton One-Piece Parabolic - 28/100g. Product Code: 700962


Example 2: Someone who is unsure what components they need when ordering Easton XX75 Platinum Arrows

I shoot recurve. Please use bright pink fletches and whatever point suits.


Both examples are perfectly acceptable. We'll select the compatible parts for example 2.


Cancellation policy on custom made arrows and cut shafts.

Cut arrow shafts and custom made arrows can not be cancelled once started. If you place an order and then change your mind, as long as we have not started work on the order we will cancel it for you.  But once we have begun to build your arrows we can not offer any refunds as they are being made to your specifications.

We can do a lot of things, but we can't stick the end back on an arrow once it's been cut!