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Win and Win 'TY' Bowstand

Win and Win 'TY' Bowstand
Product Code:700686
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Stable bow stand with a 'two in one' design to allow different configuration.
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Poor Quality
(Posted on 26/01/2018)
I’ve had this product for a couple of years. I was a little disappointed with the quality when it arrived. The black top is plastic with a metal screw in the bottom to attach it to the stand part. When I put it together the top was just a touch out of square. And the metal screw so short I thought it wouldn’t take much to snap it off. The metal screw is now working loose and will probably detach at some point. When I changed my bow (Win & Win CXT), stabilisers (W&W ACS Nano) and sight (Shibuya Ultima II) the whole set up is too heavy. The plastic that the U-shaped holder is made of flexes with the weight of the bow and the bow slowly lays over in the stand. It was ok, but not great, for a much lighter set-up. Can’t really recommend it. I bought W&W because I wanted something of quality. This isn’t it. I’m now shopping for something better.
Review by Michael
Worst Archery Product Available
(Posted on 19/01/2018)
I can't believe how poor this bowstand is ... first off, the rubber feet fall off, and are lost almost immediately. After not using the stand for a while I wanted to change the rest to the "Y" configuration, but the "T" was seized causing the thread insert (glued with poor adhesive) to come out. I'm now left with a useless bundle of scrap, fit only for the bin. Do yourself a favour and avoid. 1 star because I couldn't give 0.
Review by Mike Henry
Really useful kit
(Posted on 15/06/2016)
This is a great stand. I love the fact that I can now work on my bow, check limb alignment, centre shot... without distorting the limbs. No more balancing it on a chair.
Review by Ali

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