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Spigarelli Evolution Rest

Spigarelli Evolution Rest
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Nice quality arrow rest with adjustable arm that can be moced up and down. Good for using the same arrow rest for different arrow diameters.
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(Posted on 26/10/2015)
Really disappointed in this rest.

The top part of the arm at the back above where the arrow sits snapped preventing the arm returning to its original position. The arm itself was not adjusted in any way other than height through moving the mounting. No idea how I could manage to break it... but i did. In the middle of a comp as well haha.

May have just been a faulty item thats had some abuse before leaving the nanufacturers warehouse i guess. Other users at my local said theirs have been fine.
Review by Matj16
Spiga Number One
(Posted on 02/03/2014)
I just buy another to keep it in the tool bag.
Easy and fast to install, ready to go, no arrows falling down.
One of the best rest ever made.
Review by Davide
tough and reliable
(Posted on 28/09/2012)
i got this rest because my cartel rest broke the second arrow that passed it. this one is way tougher and despite clipping it with various bits of fletchings the sight hasn't had any problems.
easy to adjust, and fits my superwide fatboy arrows as well as my super thin ACC's.
Review by Roger
Solid and dependable.
(Posted on 15/07/2012)
I bought this rest to put on my dad's old bow and he wanted something that was very solid and dependable.
We were not disappointed. The arm is very secure and has no play in it vertically once you've locked it down with the supplied allen key.
Review by Nick

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Spigarelli Evolution Rest - Right Handed
Product Code: 701364
Spigarelli Evolution Rest - Right Handed

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Spigarelli Evolution Rest - Left Handed
Product Code: 701365
Spigarelli Evolution Rest - Left Handed

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