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Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer

Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer
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This device measures the static spine, the weight, and the straightness of parallel (cylindrical) arrows.

For accurate readings please place the device on a stable surface.

The measured data can be transferred to a PC by use of an USB connection.

- 26” distance of arrow rests
- Measures the static spine of an arrow
- Displays spine in; AMO, ASTM or both (toggle)
- Measures the weight of an arrow
- Displays weight in; gram, grain or both (toggle)
- Displays results stay on screen until a new arrow is placed on the device
- Supports spine measuring from two side (second measure)
- Displays a straightness indicator value (second measure)
- Audio feedback is standard
- Customizable (display, sound, …)
- Weighs individual arrow points - place them in the holes on the arrow rest
- Automatic zero correction
- Bright OLED Display
- USB data output
- Auto Power-Off
- Aluminum housing with stainless steel arrow rests

Only parallel (cylindrical) arrows/shafts will show correct absolute values. However, the relative measuring of tapered or barrelled arrows is possible.
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(Posted on 09/08/2017)
Great piece of kit.
Works well, particularly useful for making up wooden shaft arrows.
Can be used "stand alone" with a 5V USB charger, no computer needed (this is how I use it).
Price, for what one gets, is very good. I can expand on this a bit: as I have an electronics and instrumentation background I can appreciate the design elements incorporated into the product. Knowing that I think the end user price is very reasonable (exceptional even) given the build elements and with it being a low volume product.
Highly recommended.
Review by Susan
This is a Great tool for Arrow builders
(Posted on 25/02/2017)
This is a great tool for any Arrow builder - accuracy is good - reads arrow weight rounded to nearest Grain and is within 0.3Gn of my calibrated scales. Gram is shown to 1 decimal place.
Spine reading is also very consistant with known Carbon shafts and to be able to very quickly measure Wt & Spine ( 2 spine measurements per shaft for 90 degree test) of a batch of wood shafts is a great benefit...
The Software is Windows Only and would only run on a newer Win7 or Later Operating System - Current Revision is 0.95b and needs a bit of work to make it really useful - and they should release a MacOSx version as well...
Otherwise I would have given it 5 Stars
Review by DavidG

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