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Bear Archery - Goblin Bow Kit

Our Suggested Age Range: 5 to 10*

* 44in. Overall Bow Length
* 22-24in. Draw Length
* 15-18lb. Draw Weight
* Durable Composite Limbs
* For Right or Left Hand

Set Includes:

2 Safetyglass™ Arrows
Arrow Quiver
Finger Tab
Sight Pin

*Ages may vary for each bow in accordance with a child's size and shooting ability. This product is not a toy. Adult supervision required.
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Very decent first shooter...
(Posted on 07/07/2016)
Bought this kit in for my girlfriends 7y/o boy (a highly intelligent and very imaginative kid but has ADHD and very little ability to retain any prolonged state of concentration!)
He spent a solid 3 hours with me on first shoot and much of that was on his own with me just observing him as he learnt the bow...
The Goblin itself is still a little heavy in draw for him but not a short shot or bounce out put him off as more shots hit a mark than missed...
I've shot a few myself and found the bow to be consistent and fairly accurate up to about 25 / 30 paces which for a kids bow is pretty good but target penetration became less consistent at distance even at full draw...
As a first shoot bow I'd definitely recommend it...

Might adapt it to take a small reel and use it for fishing as it feels decently solid and is conveniently waterproof...
Review by "Jenerik Original"
good starter for kids
(Posted on 11/02/2015)
bought this for my 8 year old son, and he's over the moon with it, very good starter bow for the price and no complaints from him or myself, very happy with it.
the bow comes with an arrow rest which you need to fix to the bow (very easy), and a very basic pin sight.
also comes with two arrows.
the products when ordered where very well packed and arrived in top class condition.

thanks Merlin.

very happy.
Review by graham

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