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There are 4 common styles of arrow shaft.  These are; Wood, aluminium, carbon, and an aluminium/carbon composite. 

Almost all production arrow shafts are made from these materials.  The only exception is fibreglass.  Fibreglass is used in some leisure arrows, but usually only as a pre-fabricated arrow.  It is not typical to buy a fibreglass arrow shafts separately as it would not be the natural choice if you were making your own arrows.

You may also note that some of the more expensive arrow shafts are sold only in dozens.  This is not so we can sell more arrows! This is due to the extremely tight tolerances required for such arrows.  It is not possible to manufacturer every single shaft to the same exact tolerance of spine and weight, so each production batch is separated further into matched sets.

Aluminium Shafts

Before the first carbon arrow shafts came to market around 20 years ago, aluminium arrows ruled.

Today, they are still held in high regard.  Some of the best archers in the world still use aluminium arrows for indoor archery.  The best aluminium arrows offer exceptional accuracy.  But for long distance shooting the thinner carbon arrows have the advantage. 

With the exception of indoor archery (where there is no wind), the aluminium arrow is ideal for beginner level to intermediate level archers. 

They are often recommended by clubs for novice archers because they are easier to find with a metal detector, and overall still offer a great price/quality ratio.

Aluminium/Carbon Composite Shafts

The majority of aluminium/carbon composite arrows have a thin internal aluminium core with a bonded carbon outer.  But this is not the rule! There are some other shafts with a carbon inner core and aluminium outer. 

Whether one is back to front or inside out doesn’t matter. Both types are a bonded hybrid composite. A very popular and very diverse arrow type.

Carbon Shafts

Pure carbon shafts have always been popular for field archers because of their un-bendable nature and light mass weight, but they are now beginning to make a comeback on the target archery scene.

The super wide diameter shafts have stamped their mark at the highest level of indoor archery and some lower cost, pure carbon shafts are now a viable choice for novice archers.

Wooden Shafts

Natures finest!

If you make your own arrows you might appreciate that smell of cedar more than most.  Or the long hours spent perfecting them.  What about the curse of the last feather sticking to the clamp or the curse that slpis out after losing one first time out?

But we don't mind. Forget archery. Wooden arrow making is a hobby in its own right!  

Wooden arrow maker – we salute you!