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Arrow Making

Arrow Making


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Building your own arrows saves money and time. But you do need to invest in the right tools to do a good job.

Arrow Straighteners

Since carbon arrows became the de facto arrow of choice for most archers, the need for an arrow straightener has diminished.

No longer worth the investment to the individual, but an essential tool for any archery club.

Beginners are regularly taught on aluminium arrows, and, much as we love them, they do tend to bend a few arrows...

In those circumstances, a high quality arrow straightener is well worth the money!

Arrow Preparation

The Scouts have a motto. "be prepared". The same should be said of fletchers. There is nothing more annoying than a newly glued fletching falling off on the first shot.

So let's take a leaf out of the Scouts handbook and do it right.

Arrow Racks

If, like me, you seem to spend your evenings fletching arrows, you will have come across the same problems. Not enough wall space to prop them up while watching TV.  Kids knocking them over. Arrows stuck together or rolling off the table.

These simple arrow racks are a convenient stress reducer. Buy one!

Cutting Tools

Hacksaw + Carbon Arrow = Bad Idea.

Don't compromise your arrow building project by using the wrong tools. We have the right tools for job right here.

Fletching Jigs

Straight fletch? Offset? Helical? Whatever your flavour, we have a jig to suit.

Grain Scales

The better you get, the more you notice the little things.  Perfectly weight matched arrows are one of those little things. Especially if you are trying to put them all in the middle at longer distances!

Glues & Adhesive

I love the speed and powerful bond of Cyanoacrylate for fletchings. I hate Cyanoacrylate when the fletching stays stuck in the clamp.

If you are an experienced fletcher, then fast drying contact adhesive like that can be great.

But if not I would suggest a more forgiving, slower drying adhesive.

Nock Extractors

If you have ever had a nock shear off flush with the shaft you will know how annoying it can be. A nock extractor may not stop you feeling annoyed, but at least you can repair your arrow in the field, rather than waiting to get it back to the work bench.

(p.s. Gripping the shaft with an arrow puller while working the tool into the broken nock helps.)

Points Extractors

OK. I know that accidentally shooting an arrow into a tree is embarrassing. So let's say you have 'a friend' who occasionally shoots an arrow into a tree. What do you do? More often than not the point gets left behind.

Not good for the tree. Not good for the point. A point extractor will give you a fighting chance of rescuing the point while minimising damage to the tree.

Spine Testers

Not for use by Chiropractors (unless they also happen to be archers) spine testers are essential tools for fine matching of wooden arrow shafts.

Waterproofing Powder

Natural turkey feathers are fantastic fletchings. Quiet, forgiving, accurate. But not the best material for shooting in the wet.  Waterproofing powder helps the feather perform better in the rain.