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Bow Sights

Bow Sights


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Compound Target Sights

The higher draw weights and ever increasing arrow speeds of compound bows require sights built to withstand the extra shock and vibrations. As a result, compound target sights are generally heavier than their recurve target sight cousins, with bigger threads and chunkier components.

Compound Hunting Sights

Compact sights, usually fitted with 3 or 5 fibre optic pins. Although these sights are adjustable, they are not designed to be constantly adjusted like the compound target sights.  Rather, each pin is adjusted to a fixed distance (typically 20, 30, 40, 50 metres) and everything in-between is 'guesstimated'.

Recurve Target Sights

Recurve sights are one of those products lines that have huge variances in price, while all supposedly doing the same thing. If they were all laid out on a counter, and you could see and feel the differences between them, suddenly the price differences become justified.

The best advice I can give is to keep the cost of the sight relative to the cost of the bow. Look to spend 20-30% of the bow value on your sight. Any less than that and you might find the quality of the sight doesn't match up to your expectations.

Sight Pins

Big or small? Square or round? It doesn't matter. It's about finding a shape and size that feels comfortable for you. Something that visually matches the target face and can be centred without any thought. Only you can find the answer.


Scopes magnify the target and increase aiming accuracy. But with different lens dioptres, how can I recommend which is the best? It's not possible.

Much like recurve sight pins, aiming comfort is paramount. But bigger doesn't always mean better! The bigger the magnification the more your shakes are magnified. (And the blurrier the target becomes)

The most popular lens is a 0.75 dioptre for outdoor target shooting. For 3D field shooting, 0.50 dioptre rules.

But obviously, this is a rather big generalisation. So choosing a scope with an interchangeable lens might be a good move.

Peep Sights

A small, but very significant piece of equipment for compound archers. This tiny rear sight ensures a precise, repeatable visual line through the string, front sight and target.

For ultimate accuracy, the aperture size should match the outer housing of the scope at full draw. This gives an easy reference to check that the scope is properly aligned every shot.