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AAE Gorilla Grip - Elite (with Magnetic Clip)

AAE Gorilla Grip - Elite (with Magnetic Clip)
Product Code:705661
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The Original GORILLA GRIP Arrow Puller. Made of solid natural rubber for superior grip on all types of arrows.

* Easiest and Most Comfortable Puller
* Large Diameter Allows Maximum Grip Strength
* Works On All Size Arrows and Backstops

Please note that the colour may vary,
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All for Show
(Posted on 26/07/2015)
I think that the puller I got had a fault with the materials. After a few months the rubber became smooth and hard with no grip for pulling arrows. I had to tear off some rubber to get it to grip my alloy shafts. I do like the magnetic clip function which was great while it worked. Other people with this puller have no problems.
Review by Matthew
A very firm grip useful for difficult arrows
(Posted on 11/12/2013)
This is a great arrow puller.. Just slide the V of the puller under the arrow and then grip and pull the arrow straight out.. Its like chalk and cheese when I compare it to the cheaper square Flex pullers I've used in the past.

The magnet is very strong so it won'y accidentally disconnect so its very convenient to use.

Best arrow puller I've ever used.
Review by Ozymandias
Good Times. Good Times.
(Posted on 24/10/2013)
This works then.
And it stops you getting blisters on your hands.
Now that gives me an idea.............
Review by Christopher
Best puller - should have got one ages ago.
(Posted on 07/09/2013)
I've always had a square puller, but just recently my hands were getting blisters in long matches when I'm pulling other peoples' arrows as well, so I decided to get one of these. Should have bought one ages ago as it's brilliant. My only concern is the magnetic clip gets in the way and risks scratching arrows, so I've taken that off for now. It's also a bit faster to put away if you don't have to feel for the clip. Would really prefer black or green though!
Review by Mardalf
Incredibly intuitive
(Posted on 22/05/2013)
Thanks to the magnetic clip I have this in my hand when I need it - without even thinking about it And back it goes without looking, just listen for the magnet to click.
Review by Rainer
does what it is made for
(Posted on 07/05/2012)
This puller does just whatit is mad for, it is comortable and does the job.
Review by Kieran

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