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Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Brown

Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Brown
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This field style quiver is made from quality suede available left and right handed and in either tan or dark suede. It has a large accessory pocket and fits on to any belt.
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Great quiver
(Posted on 22/05/2017)
Looks great and I can fit all of my 12 arrows easily. It´s a bit too loose for me, so I´ve decided to put on one rivet on the middle of the quiver to tighten the arrow pouch a bit. Side pocket is bigger than I thought and a bit stiff but it does it´s job of storing my shooting glove.
Review by Perttu
good quiver
(Posted on 24/05/2016)
this is a really nice looking quiver.
it is easy to attach and detach and very fast to remove arrows or put them back in. the side pocket is a bit stiff due to the thick leather. but this isn't a real downside.
in the side pocket i have stored my glove and the stringer.
i don't have problems to my 12 arrows but i wouldn't suggest to use this with more arrows.
Review by Philipp
Attractive and Pratical
(Posted on 09/02/2016)
First thoughts on this quiver is that the leather is of very nice quality and is quite sturdy. Taking to this to my club sessions, I've already had quite a few people comment on how nice it looks. The pocket at the front is nicely sized and big enough for me to keep my shooting glove (rolled up) and pocket-knife in though it could certainly hold more, such as a scoring pad.

A nice feature which was a surprise was that the loops you slide your belt through are actually held by buttons so it's easy to quickly clip the quiver on and off of your belt without having to fumble around. The fact that the arrows are are angled behind you and out of your way is another good point.

The only possible downside is the size of the quiver. If you're an archer who likes to carry A LOT of arrows at any one time then you'll probably find this quiver lacking. For general purpose use though, it's great!
Review by Maia

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Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Right Handed - Brown
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Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Right Handed - Brown

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Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Left Handed - Brown
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Timber Creek Leather Hip Quiver - Left Handed - Brown

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