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Timber Creek Leather Back Quiver Lil Bear Delux Brown

Timber Creek Leather Back Quiver Lil Bear Delux Brown
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The big bear deluxe quiver is made from heavy duty quality suede and decorated with feathers. It's three point harness makes it very comfortable and secure to wear. It can hold up to 12 arrows in its faux fur lined opening which makes for reduced arrow noise, this with its large zip fronted pocket can hold all manner of accessories. Making this quiver perfect for long archery adventures.
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Too short
(Posted on 13/10/2017)
17.5 inch deptch, is not so good about dimmentions is no added to info about the product. Is made from good materials looking perfect but is just for juniors or very short arms people. I have to look in diferent one because is not so good for 25 inch arrows.
Review by Radomir
Overall good build and design, aesthetics and details are really quite nice. It's only 17.25 inches in depth though so if you shoot arrows above 25 inches they stick out quite a lot like my 30 inch arrows.
(Posted on 13/11/2016)
The material and design is nice, I had to glue the feathers on so they don't come off, I would really prefer the quiver to be deeper, as my arrows stick out almost half the length of my 30 inch arrows and the quiver is roughly 17 and a 1/4 inches deep. I like the fur on the rim as it helps to silence the movements, I stuck some black foam to the bottom to make it slightly more silent, the pouch with the stretchy loop is nice but couldn't fit my T-Stick into it in case I want to redo my nock point tuning but that's okay. Also the strap buckle came loose and I had to loop the strap through to itself like a knot so it doesn't come off while stalking through the woods. Other that's it's a fun little quiver.
Review by Eric
(Posted on 16/08/2016)
Comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. Looks good too.
Review by Aaron

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