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Timber Creek Cobra 62" One Piece Recurve

Timber Creek Cobra 62" One Piece Recurve

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Important Shipping Information: We can no longer ship Timber Creek Longbow/Flatbow/Hybrid bows outside of the E.U. If any orders are placed outside of the E.U. they will be refunded once they have reached the dispatch team. Regards


At 62" the Stunning Cobra recurve, is incredibly smooth to draw and blisteringly fast. The Cobra unwinds beautifully and is a pleasure to shoot. The specially contoured grip fits the hand perfectly giving you virtually zero hand shock!
To try it is to fall in love with archery all over again…
Available in poundages from 30# - 60#
Brace Height 8” - 9.5”
Supplied with Flemish Fast Flight string

Standard model: One piece of Techno wood.
Deluxe model: Three pieces of timber,
Padauk and Zebrano with white Maple accents.
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Very happy
(Posted on 11/03/2016)
Decided to buy a 40# Deluxe TC Cobra after buying a TC Cottonmouth last month. The Cottonmouth is smooth, silent and has a fantastic repeatable grip, and initially I must admit I was a little disappointed with the Cobra grip as it has a wider palm swell and wasn't as natural fit for me as the Cottonmouth, but having shot it a few times it is actually easy to get used to and very comfortable. Build quality seems fine, and the wood colours and grains are very nice, especially the white maple on the front. The glue lines are tight and even, and there are very few white glass areas.
I have played around with the brace height and at just under 8 1/2 inches (23cms) there is hardly any hand shock and the bow is punchy and quiet. I shoot 5/16 shafts with 125g piles and they fly very nicely. The weight of the bow is perfect, it is heavier than my other hunter bow, but in a good , stable way that steadies the bow on release. I will come back if my opinion changes as it's still early days, but so far this bow deserves 5 stars for its appearance, shootability, and manners.
Review by Steve
best bow ever
(Posted on 05/02/2016)
this bow is amazing!!!!went to the shop and the people there were very nice and helpful . this bow is like a dream to shoot and is so light!!!
Review by spikeylouie
This bow is a sweet shooter!
(Posted on 05/11/2015)
This bow is everything Jim said it was, and a bit more.

The technical specs and photos shown are true to the product, and in hand the finish is really quite nice.

The price-point is excellent for a bow manufactured to this quality of finish and shooting consistency. I purchased the 40# Right Deluxe. As a USA buyer who had been burned by online purchases and suffered quality issues from another company, I asked that Merlin take the extra time to inspect it, string it and shoot it. They did, and the customer service team and Jim kept me up to date the whole time. To quote Jim “It shoots sweet as a nut! It's a real nice shooter, even thought about keeping it for my self :)”

My buying experience from half a world away was really very good and the package arrived intact with the bow in perfect condition.

As for shooting this bow, what can I say that has not already been said – she’s smooth, quick, quiet and without any real hand shock. The narrowing of the top of the grip is unique and I have had no trouble getting used to it.

This bow is a shooter! I shoot till I’m sore, then I shoot some more. The Timber Creek Cobra will have you shooting more, and better. This bow does not beat you up. I have been saying to myself in sessions – “Just one more quiver”…for several more quivers till my arms ache – and I’m still smiling.

I've had the TC Cobra for almost one month now and put about 1000 arrows (trad carbons) down range with the nice run of mild Autumn weather were having in New England - she's held up well.

Shoot straight and always try to end on a high note.

Connecticut, USA
Review by Edward
Excellent Bow
(Posted on 25/08/2015)
Having tried several timber recurve bows in the £300+ range, this one was suggested as I needed a fast cast but a lower poundage. This bow is very fast, has a smooth draw, doesn't stack, and there is no hand shock on release. The string is a bit noisy, but this was easily sorted with some cotton silencers. Would strongly recommend. (Actual model bought was the Deluxe Cobra)
Review by RocketRoy

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Timber Creek Cobra 62" One Piece Recurve - Standard - Left Handed - 35#
Product Code: 722312
Timber Creek Cobra 62" One Piece Recurve - Standard - Left Handed - 35#

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