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Timber Creek Classic - Ready to Use

Timber Creek Classic - Ready to Use

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The Timber Creek Traditional Carbon Classic shaft offers you the best of both worlds giving you the look of a traditional wooden arrow with a high quality wood grain effect and strength provided by a 100% carbon shaft. At a 9/32 diameter With +/- 003 Straightness its one of the straightest traditional carbon shafts on the market.

These shafts come with a point insert and Bohning Blazer Nock. Compatible with a 9/32 point (sold separately)

Timber Creek GPI:
• 800 Spine: 5.34 gpi
• 700 Spine: 5.91 gpi
• 600 Spine: 6.59 gpi
• 500 Spine: 7.02 gpi
• 400 Spine: 8.27 gpi

Straightness Tolerance: +/- 0.003

Stock Lengths for all spines: 32"
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Quick, accurate and durable
(Posted on 05/12/2018)
Great arrows. Light, quick and accurate. I accidentally shot one into a wall and it did more damage to the wall than the arrow, it was virtually unscathed.
Review by Oliver
Can't go wrong!
(Posted on 02/07/2017)
Brilliant arrows, durable and great flyers and look good too (in my opinion). My new staple carbon work horses. Can't go wrong.
Review by Philip
(Posted on 13/10/2016)
Ordered new custom fit Timber Creek Classic arrows
Cut to 27" Carbon 9/32 600 Spine with 100 grain Ballistic RPS Screw In-Points
Cock: Gateway Feathers - Right Wing - 5" Shield - Black
Vanes: Gateway Feathers - Right Wing - 5" Shield - Yellow
I've only tried them so far at the 18m indoor range & they are awsome!
Had some doubts after a less than great experience with the Basic Timber Creek Wooden Arrows I ordered - no more doubts!
Will order more once they're back in stock
Review by Nick

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