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Timber Creek Black Panther Recurve Field Bow

Timber Creek Black Panther Recurve Field Bow

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Timber Creek Black Panther Riser - 17" - Right Handed   +£125.00

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Cast 17" Timber Creek Black Panther ILF Riser.

This riser features a rubber pop out rest that secures into the machined hole thats already in place on the riser. This rest replicates the feel of shooting off the shelf without the felt rests being applied.

The combination of the Timber Creek riser and The Ragim Red Lion limbs results in a quick, smooth shooting recurve field bow.

62" Limbs on this 17" riser result in a 60" bow.

Limbs: Red Lion limbs are ILF limbs made with hard Maple reinforced with clear fiberglass. These limbs, with phenolic tips, accept all ILF risers and fast-flight string as well. The limbs are perfect with our Red Lion and Black Buffalo riser.

No bow is complete without a string, and we include a Free flemish string with every bow.
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