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Spott Hogg - Whammy

Spott Hogg - Whammy
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Spot-Hogg has done something so innovative and revolutionary that it will change the fall-away arrow rest market, as you know it. Is there really anyway to improve the current fall-away offerings? Spot-Hogg says absolutely, and answers that call with a rest that addresses all the negative stigmas that come with shooting a fall-away.

The Whammy is a hybrid arrow rest that combines the guidance and support of traditional prong style rests and the fletch-clearing forgiveness of a fall away. Its launchers are spring loaded, at all times, and never rigid, giving archers added forgiveness. This rest doesn’t just fall out of the way, it jerks out of the way, and with such speed it allows 9X more arrow support and still gives maximum vane clearance.

Have you ever drawn quickly and had the fall-away bounce your arrow off the rest? The Whammy ensures this will never happen. From rest to full draw the launchers are always in the up position, no pre locking/cocking necessary, or need for an additional arrow holder on the bows shelf. The deep “V” of the launchers holds the arrow in securely in place. After the arrow clears, the Whammy automatically resets itself to the “up” position and is ready for the next shot.

Unlike other fall aways, the cord used to trigger the Whammy is attached to the upward traveling string/cable. The cord is under tension at rest, and slackens as the bow is drawn. Since the cord is slack at full draw, it has no effect on the cam timing or holding weight of the bow.

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Spott Hogg - Whammy - Right Handed
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Spott Hogg - Whammy - Right Handed

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