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SF Elite Fibre Foam Recurve Limbs

SF Elite Fibre Foam Recurve Limbs

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Maximized the performance of the glass fiber, extreme durability and lightness! ELITE fiber/foam plus limbs also improve speed and is impervious to heat, cold or moisture.
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(Posted on 18/04/2015)
they are a grate smooth fast powerful limb.very happy with the price look grate to;
they came with no damage im verry happy man.....gavinzer
Review by justin
(Posted on 18/04/2015)
they are a grate smooth fast powerful limb.very happy with the price look grate to;
they came with no damage im verry happy man.....gavinzer
Review by justin
(Posted on 24/12/2014)
I'm on my third set of limbs now, having started with these limbs at 28lbs. I then bought a set of Axiom Plus at 38lbs and, having just bought a Hoyt Horizon riser, switched back to the Elite Fibre Foam limbs. Although the Axiom Plus limbs are pretty decent for their price, it's definitely worth paying the extra and buying the Fibre Foams. They're very smooth and quiet to shoot with, and I've found they're a lot more comfortable when aiming the Axiom Plus limbs. Price really does matter, and these limbs are worth every penny. And I said in my review of the Hoyt Horizon riser, I've noticed that my accuracy has improved somewhat.
Review by Peter
Great limbs, but no instructions/warranty card supplied
(Posted on 01/08/2013)
I was looking for my first set of limbs and had these recommended to me by my club. I am shooting this with an SF Forged Plus riser. The draw is excellent and these feel very stable.

Very happy with my purchase. The only down side was that there was no instruction card/ warranty card supplied.
Review by callum
Very pleased
(Posted on 04/07/2013)
Very impressed with these for the price, nice and smooth. They look pretty good too.
Review by TG
these limbs are idea for novice to experienced archer
(Posted on 23/05/2013)
I bought these limbs 70# 40lb once I set and tuned my bow they shoot fantastic smooth draw and quite. since buying these limbs I am hitting 100 yards no problem i would recommend
these limbs to anyone if they want to advance onto further distances.
Review by Big T
Good for the price?
(Posted on 29/09/2012)
Not bad limbs for the price, they do draw smoothly. Just beware though, I have them on a Hoyt Horizon riser and one of the limb pockets has had to be pushed to the limit on one side and could doing with moving a little further, and that is coming from a very respected professional.
Review by Robert
Great Limbs
(Posted on 25/09/2012)
These limbs feel and look fantastic. The orange lettering matches my rise which is an added bonus too. They fell very smooth to shoot and a bargain at the price.
Review by Andy
(Posted on 31/08/2012)
Beautiful set of limbs, the orange writing goes great with my orange riser. As and amateur archer I am more than happy with this set of limbs.

I recommend the SF limbs to any intermediate archer.
Review by Shaun
Limb Colour
(Posted on 04/07/2012)
I was looking for a set of black limbs for a with (yes, I'm a poser) and these were the best of the bunch.

Another more experienced archer at the club has also just bought some and he seems happy with them too.

The graphics on mine and his are orange though, not red.
Review by Andrew

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SF Elite Fibre Foam Recurve Limbs - 66" - 18#
Product Code: 715299
SF Elite Fibre Foam Recurve Limbs - 66" - 18#

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