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SF Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs

SF Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs


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Like the riser, Axiom+ limbs have been entirely redesigned. Fiberglass combined with two strips of wood features a higher flexibility than the previous Axiom limbs, giving you more comfort and accuracy when shooting, even with the lowest power.
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Good to GO!!!
(Posted on 17/08/2015)
Got these for my girlfriend's first bow. 66/26. Lovely item. Does the job. Had a few goes myself. Lovely smooth draw, well aligned. A lot of bang for buck. :-)
Review by Dylan
Very Good
(Posted on 24/05/2015)
Excellent quality and performance. First used today on our range and I was Surprised at how they improved the consistency of my shooting. For the price and quality great for a novice like me.
Review by Owen
Great Value
(Posted on 23/05/2015)
As a novice these were recommended by a friend. Have been using club equipment and have found these excellent on my first real shoot.. Great item for the price.
Thank you James for setting up my riser, limbs and sight.
Merlin is a great supplier of equipment and very helpful in all respects.
Review by Owen
Good value for money
(Posted on 31/10/2014)
As a newbie archer with these as my first set of limbs, I really can't blame any of my flaws on the limbs. However, I did find that the limbs I purchased are slightly heavier than expected, even when setting tiller bolts to low weight. I purchased 68" limbs and upon measuring weight vs draw length I found that these limbs start to stack at around 27-28" AMO draw length using a Hoyt Horizon riser. I don't know if this is normal for a 68" limb but, anyway, something to keep in mind if your draw length is 28" or longer.
Review by Daniel
Good Set of Limbs
(Posted on 27/08/2014)
Purchased 2 sets of these limbs for my SF Premium Risers (66" and 70").
So far so good, have no issues with them.
Review by Marco
Great pair of limbs.
(Posted on 25/04/2014)
I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised by the performance of these limbs.To be honest, I only bought them because I've been short of money recently and couldn't afford the SF Elite limbs that I've used previously. I'm an archer who shoots for fun rather than competition, and these limbs are brilliant for that. They're very quiet and smooth to shoot with. I've spent whole days shooting and they've been perfect. I had an initial problem fitting the upper limb to my Cartel Fantom, but a slight adjustment soon rectified that. I would definitely recommend these limbs. Especially if you're on a budget.
Review by Peter
Very good for the price.
(Posted on 21/03/2014)
I bought a set of these limbs with low poundage to help me recover from a shoulder injury. I found them of excellent quality and performance for the money. A great starter limb for a beginner.
Review by Peter
Good Limbs
(Posted on 06/10/2013)
Very well finished, enjoyed a weekend shooting with these. Very good limbs overall, however the limb bolts came to me extremely tight. To the point of I was afraid they had galled, I sprayed some copper grease in there just to be sure.
Review by Sam

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SF Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs - 68" - 20#
Product Code: 717169
SF Axiom Plus Recurve Limbs - 68" - 20#

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