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SF Axiom Plus Complete System

SF Axiom Plus Complete System

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New design, new dampers, the Axiom+ stabilizers line is the perfect solution to start with stabilizers on a bow. Light weighed and entirely adjustable, they adjust to each and every archer and bow in length, as well as in mass distribution. Wide range of colours available.
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Brilliant for the price
(Posted on 14/12/2017)
At the price they are great and will treat any beginner/intermediate archer very well.
Review by Elliot
Faultless at the price
(Posted on 15/12/2015)
I bought this system to go with an Axiom + riser and limbs. As the other reviewers state it is well made and the screw fittings in particular are high quality. It makes a big difference to the bow as it damps a lot of the vibration and as a first set of stabilisers these are outstanding. It doesn't come with covers but I store the short rods in my accessories pouch and the long rod fits in the case in my backpack. Would recommend that you also order at least two additional eweights to balance out you set up with the sight
Review by Ferral Cat
(Posted on 23/05/2015)
Well I was a little hesitant to buy such a cheap system. I was expecting flimsy plastic and sub standard machining. I was there for amazed to find high quality materials, full ruborised dampeners and great over all system.
Review by Jw-music
great product for the price
(Posted on 07/05/2015)
Was a little hesitant to buy such a cheap system but it has been fantastic for an intermediate archer like me. Don't see the point in spending quite a bit more when this does the job so well.
Review by gary
That is good for first stabilizer
(Posted on 08/10/2014)
However this system has a affordable price, it has good dampening. Since I have attached it on my bow, it reduces the sound of the bow, increases the arrow speed.
Provide some more weight for it, you can attach more weights, and it helps you to have a better performance.
I bought the red system,and it has a good quality, bright color.
Review by Hafez

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