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Saunders Firing Line Finger Release Trainer

Saunders Firing Line Finger Release Trainer
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Release Checker & Training Aid Firing-Line is the ultimate training tool for archers. So compact, it stows in a brief case...perfect for practicing anywhere, anytime. With quick draw-length adjustment and 30 lb pull its great for warming up, tuning a release or muscles. Even better, it can overcome everyone's panic. Never worry about throwing an arrow...just aim and practice the perfect release, time-after-time. With each smooth and quiet shot you burn-in muscle memory so when its the real thing, you burn-in the x-ring. Now with the new optional weight set its even better. Clip on three pounds of weight...close your eyes, draw and'll swear it's a real bow and so will your muscles. Firing-Line...The place to practice.
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