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Recurve Archery Kit - Olympic Plus - New!^

Recurve Archery Kit - Olympic Plus - New!^
Product Code:704706
In Store Price:£170.00

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Our 'Olympic' range of kits have been put together as the ideal introduction to the sport of archery and is our recommended starting point. We are confident the price/quality ratio is the best anywhere on the web.

Who knows - Maybe this is where your own path to Olympic glory begins…

Kit contents summary -
* 1 x Full Size Recurve Bow.
* 5 x Premium Fibreglass Arrows
* 1 x Dacron string.
* 2 x Arrow Rests.
* 2 x Brass Nock Sets.
* 1 x Neonine Tab.
* 1 x Fivics Jelly Bracer - (Colour May Vary)
* 1 x Bow Stringer.
* 1 x Fivics Hyper Recurve Backpack - (Colour May Vary)
* 1 x Mybo Arrow Tube
* 1 x Fivics Meteor 500 Quiver. (Colour may vary)
* 1 x Krossen Xenia Recurve Sight.

* You also have the option to complete your kit with an additional target pack. (choice of targets listed)

Kit contents detail -
* 1 x full size recurve bow. What do we mean by full size? This means its dimensions are optimised for the height of the archer. This is a good quality bow that doesn't break the bank. It is often used by beginners in clubs throughout the county as the launch point for getting into the sport. Attractively laminated, robust and reliable.

* 5 x Premium Fibreglass Arrows

* 1 x Dacron string. You won't get far without a string! Reinforced ends and centre serving for longer life.

* 2 x arrow rests. One of these is needed on a bow and is stuck just above the arrow shelf to support the arrow. We include an extra one free of charge because ... well, it might come in handy one day.

* 2 x brass nock sets. These are crimped on to the bow string to mark the nocking point of the arrow.

* 1 x Fivics Jelly bracer. Fits around your forearm, just in case the string should catch on loose.

* 1 x Neonine Tab. Fits on your drawing hand to stop you getting sore fingers.

* 1 x Bow Stringer. Needed to safely string and de-string your bow.

* 1 x Target Sight. There are two holes on the side of the bow used for the mounting of a sight. This sight is fitted there, and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to improve accuracy.

* 1 x Target Quiver. Used in conjunction with any belt, this quiver hangs at the waist to hold your arrows. Tough, cordura type material, storage compartments and 4 plastic arrow tubes. (Colour may vary from that shown)

* 1 x Fivics Hyper Backpack. When the bow is de-strung it fits nicely into this padded case. (Colour may vary from that shown)
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(Posted on 28/12/2014)
I was similarly disappointed. In the first instance, the courier company had taken down my address incorrectly, and only through my intervention contacting them directly did I manage to get it re-delivered in time for Christmas. Merlin Archery weren't interested in solving the problem, as they didn't see it was theirs...despite the fact that it was their courier company who messed it up!

Secondly, although I ordered the bag target, it did not come with any target faces! Seems a bit of a small issue, but the world of difference between being able to use it was a kit, and not being able to use it since I now have to go and buy some target faces! Don't think I will be buying them from Merlin Archery!

Review by ABrooks
first impressions
(Posted on 15/08/2014)
I got the kit for my son and he was over the moon when it arrived this morning but a few minutes later we found out that the bow case was not in the package.This is the first product that I have bought off MerlinArchery and off the internet in general,so not a good first impression.The kit (minus the case) is
a good archery kit for beginners,but really needed that bow case to get five stars
Review by Paula
Nice kit, great price with only one small issue
(Posted on 25/06/2014)
I'm a returning archer, having shot some years ago and now decided to get back into the sport. I received this kit today. To be honest, I was disappointed with the delivery time, having ordered the kit over a week ago (last Friday) and it only being dispatched yesterday, however, world cup and all that so I'm hoping it was a one off. The bow is decent enough, the arrows are nice and the kit is very comprehensive, you get everything you need to get started and I would definitely recommend it to anybody coming in to the sport. However. If you do order this kit, do yourself a favour and order a decent arrow rest at the same time. I didn't and I regretted it 4 arrows later as the first arrow rest broke on shot number 3 and the second rest broke on the first shot. The two arrow rests you get with this kit are just dreadful and to be honest, I don't know why mybo even bother to manufacture them. Perhaps they would fare better if you were shooting feather fletched arrows but they are certainly not suitable for this kit. I would have given this kit 5 stars, however, it loses a star because of the nasty arrow rests. This would be a truly superb kit if it were £5 - £10 more expensive, but came with a decent arrow rest.
Review by Paul
Good Starter Kit
(Posted on 21/03/2014)
As a beginner shooter I thought I would upgrade the cheapo £20 bow I had from ebay to this kit. Very impressive bow and shoots a lot faster than the cheap bow I have. Really nice quality arrows come with this.

My only issue are the nocks that come with the arrows, each one of them is still attached to the string after the arrow has been fired. This of course leads to them going missing a lot through either bouncing out or flying off the string.

I selected Average Strength on these questions, what sort of poundage would that make the bow please?
Review by James
Brilliant kit.
(Posted on 18/02/2014)
Just got my kit today, and fantastic! Everything there to get you going.

Plus Points:
Nice solid riser, and limbs. (Sent email to get specific size and draw weight, and they sorted that out.)
Quiver is great, 4 tube mac 400, loads of space for nick naks and loads of arrows.
Some nice arrows matched to the limb size.
Plenty of arrow rests included.

Negative points:
No belt for quiver. Never mind, will find something to do it.
Shooting Glove was too small, Got a medium, but with my height, would have expected a large.
Got two brass nocks for the string. Great, but don't have a way to attach them.

Apart from those very minor niggles, I would recommend this kit highly. I had an arm guard already, but the one that was included was a nice one for a backup guard. The case is good and if you want better you're not going to for the price.

Seriously, The price of this kit for what you get is absolutely fantastic. Well worth it.
Review by max
Great for Beginners
(Posted on 09/11/2013)
This kit has everything a new archer could need and I'm very pleased with it, I would however recommend getting an additional metal arrow rest as both the plastic ones I got with this kit broke the first time I used them.
When I ordered my kit I sent an email to the support staff asking if I could have 24# limbs included as I wasn't sure what weight I would get from the "Less than Average" choice, they sent my message along to the warehouse and I got the limbs I wanted.
The kit is very well presented and it was delivered very quickly.
I would definitely recommend this kit to a friend. :)
Review by Nicole
recommended to a friend
(Posted on 22/10/2013)
At the start of the year I bought a similar kit to this, it didn't come with as much as this kit... no dvd, no sight, only fibre glass arrows, A basic finger tab...
The kit was great, and it started me off well, but I soon found myself buying extras, most of which is included in this kit.
(I've advanced onto a cartel fantom riser and sf elite fibre foam limbs now) but recently some of my friends have been wanting to venture into the world of archery.
I've recommended these kits to them, and even placed an order on their behalf.
This kit is brilliant, because it does have everything you need to get started, especially at club level where they have targets. Realistically, you won't need to upgrade from this kit for some time because it has everything you need to keep your skills advancing.
The only thing I will say though is that this kit doesn't come with a target. So if you're not in the position to visit a club to use their targets, then you might want to think about going for the Olympic 4 kit instead.
But other than that, this kit is everything you'll need. I especially like that it comes with carbon arrows instead of fibre glass, because as a beginner they're much more forgiving and won't break as easily. I know I lost a few tips and nocks in the first couple of weeks :p
Buy buy buy!
Review by Darren
great for beginners
(Posted on 15/10/2012)
i found this kit a great intro to archery, the bow is nice and cheap but is also quality, and the arrows matched the bow fantastically, my advice after buying this kit is to obtain a button and magnetic arrow rest and a better sight after a while
Review by fabian
New bow for new starter
(Posted on 07/10/2012)
I am just starting at my local archery club, and these are the bows they use for beginners. I would definately recommend this to other beginners as it provides everything you need tailored to your personal size.
Review by Stephen
Excellent starter kit
(Posted on 01/08/2012)
I received this yesterday and immediately set it up, the DVD provided showed me how to do it correctly, the arrows are brilliant. I received a different glove, guard and bag but I'm not complaining. Overall I give this kit a 4 out of 5 and it's perfect for a beginner. The kit would of been better if it included an arrow case but still a great kit. Thanks Merlin :)
Review by jeff
Get this package or do your research. (more than meets the eye)
(Posted on 13/07/2012)
This is a great set up package for a beginner. Being a beginner myself, after getting this a bow and arrow was no longer just a bow and arrow! With this package at a great price i think you will have everything you need to get started. (And more, and the things you wouldn't of known you needed!)
The only thing i would say to think about is if you need a target or not which come with the No4 package. I thought i could make my own and just buy paper targets, but it may of been easier to pay the extra money for the ready made target.
Review by Jon
Brilliant Kit
(Posted on 12/07/2012)
Have been learning archery for a while, so wanted my own bow, this kit was perfect. It came with everything I needed and could use straight away.
Review by Amanda
Excellent Kit
(Posted on 21/05/2012)
Been using this kit for over a month now and I am very pleased with it. Good all round starter kit. The bow is well made and sits nicely in the hand. Set up is easy with the DVD and after a couple of goes you're hooked. One very happy customer.
Review by Simon
The perfect starter kit.
(Posted on 30/04/2012)
I got this kit in preparation for getting my GNAS license at a locakl club. It turned out to be exactly what they recommend for beginners. The bow is well made, as is the glove. The bracer is ok, but elastic straps would have been a lot better (it's hard to keep it from moving about on the arm). The carbon arrows are a bit fast through the air for a beginner, but also virtually indestructable.
I've been using it for two months now, and couldnt be happier.
Review by Adam S

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