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Mybo TRUESHOT Bag Target - Heavy

Mybo TRUESHOT Bag Target - Heavy
Product Code:723100
In Store Price:£49.00

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Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets. They offer good performance, good value and long life. They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broad heads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!

The ‘TRUESHOT’ Comes in 2 Versions. LIGHT and HEAVY.

They are the same size with the same printed design on both sides. The difference is the filling.

The LIGHT version weighs in at approx. 6.5KG. This is ideal for low poundage bows, or bows shooting wide diameter arrows. Great for starter kits, traditional bows, and even some compounds.

There are limits, though. It won't handle crossbows, and if you shoot high performance bows with small diameter carbon arrows you should be looking at the 'SURESHOT' or the 'TRUESHOT - HEAVY' target for extra stopping power.

The HEAVY version weighs in at approx. 22KG. It is a high density bag target designed to stop arrows from high performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

This is no lightweight. The high density construction offers tremendous stopping power. And the best bit? Super easy arrow removal! Arrows just slide out.

Don't just assume that you have to use a high powered bow to make these targets work. These are fantastic 'all-round' target. It works just as well with a 25# recurve as it does with a 60# compound.

It is also worth noting for all our bag targets that blunted fibreglass arrows shot from very light weight children's bows may bounce out of the target. (They bounce out of almost everything!). Ask your archery retailer for advice if you are un-sure.

Trueshot Approx. Dimensions: 70cm x 65cm x 30cm.
Heavy: = 22KG
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(Posted on 06/07/2019)
Big and heavy. Excellent. Doesn't fall over, double sided. Will last for ages. Arrows don't go in too far. (Recurve bow used). Highly recommended.
Review by Carl
Good but not as good as the HotShot
(Posted on 21/03/2019)
All-in-all both very good at pretty reasonable prices and will last for ages.
I’ve got both the HotShot (90cm) and TrueShot bags so this is a comparison between the two.

Both are excellent bags into which I have now shot thousands of arrows. The good and bad of both is that they will stop your arrows but the cover will suffer especially if using large diameter arrows. If skinny arrows they seem to get between the weaves of the material but larger arrows break the crosses in the weave. Nevertheless you can get new bags although the cost of those is pretty prohibitive - Merlin please note. There does not seem to be a replacement bag for the TrueShot

The 90cm HotShot is larger and lighter than the TrueShot which is 70cm - 90cm is obviously easier to hit at long ranges

The HotShot is quite flat so you can pin targets to it more easily than the TrueShot which is rounded. The HotShot is filled with foam layers while the TrueShot seems to be filled with backstop material which makes it round. The picture on the website is misleading - it’s not flat.

The TrueShot will stop all arrows whereas skinny carbon arrows almost pass through the HotShot when fired from a 50lb compound.

Arrows entering the TrueShot often tilt as the penetration ends whereas in the HotShot they stay true.
Review by Michael
Excellent and robust target
(Posted on 20/12/2016)
I've been shooting this with my 55lb compound bow with 2213 spine arrows for about 25-30 cumulative hours now.

The arrows penetrate to about 2 inches and are held firm. The target allows them to have enough flex that they can sustain the odd clatter with another arrow. The arrows are very simple to remove and you do not need an arrow puller. I am shooting target points. I had a friend shoot a broad head from his crossbow into this target and the damage was unacceptable. The fabric was shredded and we had great difficulty removing the arrow. I likely won't soot that area of the target again. Not recommended for broad heads!

Please note, this bag is every bit 20 KG. The handles are very robust. My girlfriend cannot heave it onto the table in the garden (she's quite petite). I imagine children might struggle with this too. I'd recommend practicing your upright row if you need to put it on a wall or on a table and don't want to risk injury!

It really is a good target. Both faces have good resolution targets and I can see it taking a battering for many years.
Review by Jonathan
Great product!
(Posted on 10/08/2016)
After destroying a Decathlon straw boss in less than 3 weeks, got a refund and bought one of these from Merlin. Brilliant bag, stops arrows with ease, so easy to pull em out -no arrow puller needed! After pounding it for over 20 hours this week -its working great. looks like this is going to last and prove well worth the money!
Review by Steve

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