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Mybo SURESHOT Bag Target (70cm)

Mybo SURESHOT Bag Target (70cm)
Product Code:718864
In Store Price:£49.00

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Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets. They offer good performance, good value and long life. Don't just assume that you have to use a high powered bow to make these targets work. These are fantastic 'all-round' target. It works just as well with a 25# recurve as it does with a 60# compound. They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broad heads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!


The SURESHOT 70cm is a high density bag target designed to stop arrows from high performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

This is no lightweight. The high density construction offers tremendous stopping power. And the best bit? Super easy arrow removal! Arrows just slide out.

Each target is printed on both sides, with a variety of dot sizes to test your skill.


The SURESHOT has the superior stopping power and is unique in the fact that you can withdraw arrows very easily. Perfect for shooting at short range with powerful bows.

The HOTSHOT has the same stopping power as a conventional layered foam target - i.e. Very good. 60# compounds with conventional arrows, all recurve bows and traditional bows will work well with this target. Middle weight crossbows are also OK. For heavy weight crossbows or super high energy compounds with small diameter carbon arrows, you will get better results with the SURESHOT.


When the outer bag is worn out, spare bags are available separately. ( In order to purchase a replacement bag you must be able to provide proof of purchase for the original SURESHOT OR HOTSHOT Bag Target).

Approx Size: 70cm x 65cm x 30cm Average Weight: 22KG

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Buy one give it ago I won't buy a layer foam target again
(Posted on 13/02/2019)
Really cool looking bag but after a few arrows the printed targets start to loose a bit of colour but not a real problem. The arrows pull out east real easy also found some Arrows after hitting the bag moved to one side but not like a foam target so this would cross other targets with an Arrow shaft. I was shooting at 12 15 foot with 53 lb compound bow and there was no pass through in fact only half way in the bag. The target is heavy but stable, time will tell about how many hits it will take, I had a layered foam target which I shot to death with it spitting bits everywhere but the bag looks like it will hold all that in. I was shooting Acc arrows without lube it didn't need it but there was one or two arrows which were tough to pull out due to the inside filler raping or sticking to the arrow but a really good tug got them out and no filler coming out I think putting hard soap will stop any sticking to the arrow.
So was it a good buy, nearly point blank no pass through easy pull out and no mess what more do you want, so far yes and if you shoot the bag out you can re bag it. The sure shot is the smallest bag they do and it's heavy to move about if they made a smaller bag might be good and easy to move about and chuck in the car.
Review by steve
(Posted on 12/02/2018)
Was given this as a gift. It's stopped my 40# recurve, 75# compound and 80# xbow pistol all at the same distance, this is an awesome target. I truly look forward to battering the poor thing.
Review by Chris
Good and solid
(Posted on 12/12/2017)
Had a rotten Robbie to butcher for a couple years and it’s still going all be it with a couple old t-shirts wrapped around it. This is much heavier and stops the arrows I’ve thrown at it with ease. Should last a good long time with multiple target spots to keep thing spread out a bit...
Review by Jenerik Original
Good buy
(Posted on 16/11/2017)
Bought one of these bags a couple of weeks ago and would echo views of a couple of other reviewers. Arrow impact can be a little noisy. I am using a Win and Win Black Wolf recurve 45# with Easton Axis Traditional 500 arrows with 125gns 17/64 field points and herein lies the second issue. When drawing the arrows out as these heads do not fit flush to the shaft there is a snagging when withdrawing the arrows and this tends to degrade the bag face itself. Only shot about 700 arrows into one side but appears to be no issue with regard to filling. Changed field points to ballistic 17/64 and problem fixed, better fit for some reason. As to penetration, the bags could and probably should be compartmentalised inside to ensure a regular distribution of packing material. Arrows when hitting targets on the edge of the bag going in about 6-8" when centre shot 4-6" @ 10-12m
Review by Owen
Excellent stopping power, very handy.
(Posted on 07/11/2017)
Excellent boss, easy to move around (if you can carry its weight), no messy debris. Pulling arrows out is amazingly easy.
My only complaint is that the arrow impacts are extremely noisy. If you practice at home it is like shooting a pistol.
Review by Martin
a must have
(Posted on 05/07/2016)
after contructing a homemade target (carboard box packed with old rags and plastic bags) I was loosing my crossbow bolt field tips when removing the bolts. no such problem with this target bag and the bolts come out with ease and no need for an arrow puller. also this bag has tremendous stopping power. have used a 80lb self cocking pistol xbow and a jandao chase star 200lb draw crossbow on this bag and its amazing. highly reccomended
Review by dwayne dibbley
Good but not great
(Posted on 14/10/2015)
I have 2 of these target bags and although they are excellent at stopping my arrows they do have a couple of slight issues. Firstly I shot compound for the first 12 months or so into the bags (60lb Bear Empire & Eason Powerfights or Lightspeeds). It stops this set up very well, probably 2" of penetration into the bag & fairly easy to draw. I have shot my HT set up into the bags for the past 6 months or so (40lb Bear Grizzly or 40lb Bodnik Slick Stick with woodies 100grn points). Again stops the arrows no problem. However drawing the arrows because the points don't fit absolutely flush they tend to snag on the bag material on drawing. After 18months one bag is starting to sag, no amount of kicking & jumping now works! Overall these targets are very good & good value, but I still prefer the layered foam ones.
Review by Glenn
Durable, easy to move around and incredible stopping power!
(Posted on 20/08/2015)
I can't say enough good things about this target.
My response to people who ask me about which new target to get is the Mybo SureShot.

I've had the target for a long while now and I shoot it with my 40lb recurve barebow, my 60lb Hoyt PCE compound bow and my 70lb PSE Drive compound bow.
The target has taken more than 10000 arrows since I got it...and that's only one side of it!

The target has great stopping power, and removing the arrows is an absolute breeze (especially if you've ever had to remove compound arrows from straw butts!). I've never had a single pass through, even with the 70 pounder!

Normally bag targets lose their shape quite quickly when in use, but the Mybo SureShot is held in shape by thin layers of foam on all the sides and a wooden plank at the bottom. The foam also helps hold your arrows in straight.

The actual bag material is very durable. I still don't feel the need for a replacement yet, it's still holding up very well and I've still got another side to shoot at.

After every session, and sometimes in the middle of one, I lay the target and 'massage' it either with my knees or by stepping on it and punching it a bit here and there just to get all the internal material to shift about and get the bag back in shape.

Another huge advantage is that this bag target leaves almost no mess at all unlike foam and straw bosses.

Although it is quite heavy, moving it around is made fairly easy with the two solid handles on the top.

I would suggest using the whole face and not just a few spots on it, when the foam starts to get shot out, your arrows will look as though they are hitting the target at different angles. This is just because the foam is no longer there to hold the arrows straight, so they droop at strange angles.

Another minor thing to look out for is slivering on your arrows. I would suggest wiping you arrows with a towel or tassel every few ends, otherwise you may get a build up of debris on your arrow rest.

I highly recommend this target to anyone who is looking for one.
It goes well with one of those folding platform trucks which makes it easy to move it around.
Review by Mikit
(Posted on 08/06/2015)
Just how much fun can you have for £50?

Stops everything my 40# recurve can throw at it from 5 to 15M with ease. Arrows pull out with two fingers. Middle getting a bit soft so any advice how to renovate it would be welcome.

When this is shot out I'll definitely buy another.
Review by Tim
Excellent Target
(Posted on 03/06/2015)
I've been shooting into one of these at short range since Christmas, and it's still holding up really well. No bouncers at all, and arrows are always really easy to pull. An excellent target.

And a pro tip I've just discovered - when you're bouncing it around to reshape it, don't bounce it on your toe... it's really quite heavy :)
Review by Alan
Excellent target
(Posted on 07/04/2015)
Bought this awhile ago together with some backstop netting (also from Merlin) for use in my garage.

Have been using it every other day with about 40 arrows a session for about 5 months and it has proved to be just what I was after. It is robust and easy to use (i.e stops everything and is easy to extract arrows from) and provides me with a much needed chance to practise my form. I don't shoot anything challenging at it - just XX75s at 30lbs from 3m - but it does a great job for me and would wholeheartedly recommend it.
Review by Rod
Love this bag, stops arrows easily and you can honestly remove with one hand
(Posted on 06/04/2015)
I'm shooting currently about 38lbs at my fingers on a recurve. Target is indoors at about 6m and it stops my arrows (x75 1916) with ease. I can then pull them out with one hand without hardly any pressure against the bag.

I'm not sure how long the bag will last and I don't like the slight roundness to the bag. I prefer to shoot at a completely flat target. Does it affect my release and strength training nope but it make me nervous when aiming at the edges considering its indoors. Rating 4* because of the shape only as its not 100% perfect although its more of a 4.5 star.
Review by David
great target
(Posted on 19/02/2015)
does all i need easy to pull arrows from can pin a target too it. lasts ages only problem is it weighs a tonne
Review by Luke
Good value
(Posted on 08/12/2014)
Really good target for practicing at home. With regular use (at least 30-60min every other day) I reckon it'll last a good while yet. All in all very happy.
Review by Rob
Our Third One
(Posted on 10/10/2014)
This is the third one of these I have bought for our club. They stand up to everything that is shot at them and all are lasting well under regular club use. We have had very few bounce-backs even from the littlest kids yet it will easily stop bolts from my 130lb compound crossbow and arrows/bolts are very easy to pull. What's not to like? One word of advice: We have two of the large ones and one of the middle size, the larger ones are MUCH lighter than the smaller one. They are easy to carry around but if you are shooting outdoors they will need tied to prevent them blowing over in strong winds. This isn't a criticism, these are a good sized target and even the traditional compressed foam bosses need tying down. The smaller target has a heavier base and a smaller profile so will stand without guy ropes.
Review by george
Pretty good
(Posted on 24/07/2014)
I've been using my sureshot bag target for around 2 months now and I'm pretty impressed at how well it's held out. I've been shooting it with a 40# English longbow and wooden arrows at roughly 10m. I have my target resting on top of a metal bucket in front of the garden shed. A good demonstration of the stopping power of this target is the fact that when I missed and hit the bucket, my arrow went staight through both sides of the bucket and into the shed with ease. In terms of durability, my arrow points did snag quite badly and do quite a bit of damage to the outer bag but I would say it is more the poor quality of the points I've been using that is at fault. As for the inner foam filling I'm quite impressed. As I shoot longbow I'm not quite accurate enough to vary the point of the target 'm aiming for without a significant risk of damaging the shed, so after 2 months of constantly shooting at the centre the inner foam is getting pretty worn out. That being said I have been shooting very frequently, multiple times a week for hours at a time. That being considered I would say that this is a good, durable target with excellent stopping power ideal for anyone looking for a safe, reliable target for garden use.
Review by Jake
great target
(Posted on 13/06/2014)
thanks this is a great target my carbon arrows from a 60lb compound are a 2 finger pull sits up on its own and does not move even at 15yds
Review by Phillip
(Posted on 30/01/2014)
having had a slight problem with my first target , i contacted Merlin who very swiftly arranged pick up and replaced it with a new boss which i have to say is brilliant. it stops my nano xr shafts at 10m with great effect only penetrating about 4 inches. for 49 quid its good value for money.
Review by DAVID
review by david
(Posted on 17/01/2014)
i have bought one of these 70cm bosses for my workshop. i shoot a compound at 56lb using nano xr shafts.
i have found that the spots around the outside stop the arrows as advertised and are indeed very easy to pull out and only penetrate around 5" depth. however , my first few arrows shot at the spot dead centre of the boss passed right through up to the nock, but an arrow 1" from the pass throughs stopped perfect. so i can conclude that the filling is not consistent over the whole boss. i don't know how the boss is constructed and it may just need a shake up if the filling is loose. but i did not expect the centre to be the weak point, but for £50
if it lasts it will suffice. potentially good but mine is a little disappointing .
Review by DAVID
excellent stopping power and great value
(Posted on 15/01/2014)
these bags really are good i have a paper target taped to the bag it fits perfectly they are very easy to move with two handles at the top so positioning them on top of boxes or bales is fine or hang them from the beams in the garage .
they will stop anything my 175 crossbow bolts pull out with one hand the bags take the bolt really well you can replace the outer skin when its too punctured too so value for money they are good and they wont wear out for ages as the fibre in the bag moves to self seal again when you pull the arrow out
i recommend these , just place them outside leave them there and shoot at em
Review by matt
very good
(Posted on 03/12/2013)
I had no idea what to expect from a bag target other than seeing pictures of similar products on some American websites. They look a bit weird if you ask me. But considering the price and the recommendation from Merlin I bought one and set it up in my garage. I'm using it for tuning and blank bale practicing over winter. First off, the reason it's called a bag target is because that is exactly what it is - it is a big stuffed bag! I don't know what's in it because its sealed up tight. It is quite heavy but perfectly manageable. The outer bag itself looks strong and well made. The shape is reasonably uniform. A slight bulging in the bottom half. First impressions... not bad - let's see if it works.

At 3 metres, I can tell you it works astonishingly well! Stopping power is amazing and arrows pull at with one hand. (Easton ACC arrows) There are clearly a holes in the bag material where I have shot, but not clean punched out like cardboard. The woven material seems to shift around the arrow hole a bit. I don't know how long it will last but so far it has exceeded my expectations. If life span is as good I will be a permanent convert to this type of target.

I would say if you want something for short range shooting in the garage or garden this is a very good product.
Review by Gemma

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