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Mybo Straight Jacket Foam Target - Slight Quality Defect

Mybo Straight Jacket Foam Target - Slight Quality Defect

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****We have a few Straight Jackets that did not pass our quality control, the top and bottom few inches of foam has not compressed properly. 80-90% of the target will still have the usual stopping power, whilst the few inches at the top and bottom will be softer. The targets are also a little bit dusty from storage. A bargain at half price ****

The Straight Jacket target is open faced, layered foam block. Lightweight and portable.

Extremely versatile and can accommodate bullet points, field points, mechanical and fixed broad heads.

Works well with high performance compounds, and works surprisingly well with super light weight children's bows. A really good all-round target.

Approx Size: 60cm x 46cm x 27cm Average Weight: 5.8KG
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