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Mybo Nocking Pliers

Mybo Nocking Pliers
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Nocking Point Pliers

Directions for use:

Slide nock set into position. Lightly crimp nock set to string. Incrementally rotate pliers around nock set, gently tightening as you go to ensure an even pressure and round shape.

Do not over tighten as this could damage the string!

Use only cushioned brass nock sets.
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Does the job just fine
(Posted on 16/11/2017)
Does the job and does it well. No need to spend a fortune on these tools.
Review by Marcus
Damaged the brass badly...
(Posted on 18/08/2016)
Got the point on the string but scarred the surface of the brass so much that I'm not going to use them again... I have steady hands and have clipped on meny a point with normal pliers and grips that have caused less damage... Using a medium size on a trad string so not anything unusual but the point was absolutely shredded... Gonna up my spend and get a better designed pair so sad to say these are goin in the bin...
Review by Jenerik Original
good value for money
(Posted on 24/08/2014)
You wouldn't use a hammer instead of a screwdriver so don't use ordinary pliers to put your nocks on. use these well made nocking Pliers
Review by Steve

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