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Mybo HOTSHOT Bag Target (90cm)

Mybo HOTSHOT Bag Target (90cm)
Product Code:718865
In Store Price:£75.00

Custom Made Item. Usually ships within 3-5 days.



Bag targets are a great alternative to traditional straw and foam targets. They offer good performance, good value and long life. Don't just assume that you have to use a high powered bow to make these targets work. These are fantastic 'all-round' target. It works just as well with a 25# recurve as it does with a 60# compound. They are ideal for all arrow types with flush fitting points. Do not use broad heads! You will not be able to pull your arrow out without ripping the bag!

HOTSHOT 90CM (Updated April 2014)

The HOTSHOT 90cm is the big brother to the SURESHOT. Its larger overall dimensions makes this better suited to long distance shooting - or if you simply want a larger shooting area.

As of Arpril 2014, the HOTSHOT construction has changed. It is now has a layered foam construction to reduce the mass weight to a more managble 17KG. (The original HOTSHOT was weighing in at over 35KG).


The SURESHOT has the superior stopping power and is unique in the fact that you can withdraw arrows very easily. Perfect for shooting at short range with powerful bows.

The HOTSHOT has the same stopping power as a conventional layered foam target - i.e. Very good. 60# compounds with conventional arrows, all recurve bows and traditional bows will work well with this target. Middle weight crossbows are also OK. For heavy weight crossbows or super high energy compounds with small diameter carbon arrows, you will get better results with the SURESHOT.


When the outer bag is worn out, spare bags are available separately. ( In order to purchase a replacement bag you must be able to provide proof of purchase for the original SURESHOT OR HOTSHOT Bag Target).

Approx Size: 90cm x 85cm x 35cm Average Weight: 18KG

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Excellent bag
(Posted on 21/03/2019)
All-in-all both very good at pretty reasonable prices and will last for ages.
I’ve got both the HotShot (90cm) and TrueShot bags so this is a comparison between the two.

Both are excellent bags into which I have now shot thousands of arrows. The good and bad of both is that they will stop your arrows but the cover will suffer especially if using large diameter arrows. If skinny arrows they seem to get between the weaves of the material but larger arrows break the crosses in the weave. Nevertheless you can get new bags although the cost of those is pretty prohibitive - Merlin please note. There does not seem to be a replacement bag for the TrueShot

The 90cm HotShot is larger and lighter than the TrueShot which is 70cm - 90cm is obviously easier to hit at long ranges

The HotShot is quite flat so you can pin targets to it more easily than the TrueShot which is rounded. The HotShot is filled with foam layers while the TrueShot seems to be filled with backstop material which makes it round. The picture on the website is misleading - it’s not flat.

The TrueShot will stop all arrows whereas skinny carbon arrows almost pass through the HotShot when fired from a 50lb compound.

Arrows entering the TrueShot often tilt as the penetration ends whereas in the HotShot they stay true.
Review by Michael
Is It Worth It!
(Posted on 11/02/2019)
I purchased my MYBO HotShot bag target on the 1st March 2018. I have shoot the hell out of it, about 2000 arrows a week! I have been able to re-pack it once using ratchet clamps which worked really well, I have patched it up where I could. But it has done ok for what it is! I do think its over priced! And I feel if it it had some spare parts it would be well worth re-packing! It's not that heavy and can be moved around with ease. I gather it can be hung on chains which is a good idea.
But if your looking for a bag target to use at home, then this is a very good starting option! I am now moving onto re-packable target boss. But you need to see how often you're using your bag target before spending on a big target boss. For me this has worked out just fine.

Should you buy one! Yes.
Review by Outlander 58
Updated review with video
(Posted on 18/09/2016)
ok updating this review after 3600-4000 hits to the bag. Again I am impressed by the bag itself which is still holding together as a bag. the core material is not getting punched out and the rate it is softening is slowing down somewhat from my last review. compound bow shots less than 56 ft/lbs of K.E rarely get partial pass thrus, This equates roughly to 50lb draw weight target compound bow energies. More vicious hunting compounds at 65+ ft/lbs K.E are drilling this target. I suspect recurve back yarders would get longevity out of this target . video posted
Review by Bozzer
Good but not as good as many claim
(Posted on 07/09/2016)
I ordered this bag 20 july 2016 the bag is less than 2 months use at time of writing. 3000 shots have softened the bag considerably in the centre despite using moving around 40 cm faces from the get go. The outer bag has held up better than expected but the packing is gooey with half shaft pass thrus pretty much all over. Doubt mine will last 16000 arrows. Repacking may help and will review again after doing so. shot with 50lb-55lb compounds hitting the bag with various field points, 394-456 grain arrows at 246-272 fps.
Review by Bozzer
The only Bag Target youll ever need.
(Posted on 28/05/2016)
First purchased one of these mid last year and again purchased another at the beginning of this year .
The original one is still in perfect condition and we didnt buy the second to replace this but so we could still shoot when we went to parents house.
Second one is in just as good condition.
Hard wearing and a good buy for the money.
Review by David
Its the boss...
(Posted on 23/05/2016)
Took a little while to arrive, but this has been one of my best ever buys. As other reviewers have said, it takes a real pounding, is so easy to pull arrows out from cleanly, well made and stands on its own if need be. I would not hesitatet o recommend this product. Oh, and it is reasonably light with really tough handles making it easy to move.
Review by Laurence
Excellent product.
(Posted on 03/10/2015)
I have now had my Hotshot target for just over a year. During this time, I have shot almost 16,000 arrows into it (I log all my sessions - sad git) from 5 metres up to 90 metres. The centre of the bag is now getting pretty bad on both sides although it still does not allow my arrows (ACC from a 38lb recurve) to pass through. However, I can still fit 40cm and 60cm targets so that they miss the soft centre and I confidently expect to be able to shoot another 16,000 arrows before the target needs replacing (with another of the same).
Review by Ian
(Posted on 29/01/2015)
I have been using one of these targets for 6 months now. Most of the time I shoot 100 arrows a day from both recurve and compound. That's 14000 arrows and it's still got lots of life in it. Perfect for tuning bows as the arrows go in straight unlike other target bags filled with material that impact on the arrows entry point. With this target nock left means nock left etc. The best value bag target on the market for beginners or the hardened archer in the family.
Review by Brian
Excellent product has surpassed my expectations.
(Posted on 11/07/2014)
Bough the 90cm version of this product to allow my son to learn to shoot in the hope it would also allow me to get some well needed practice. I was slightly hesitant at first however that soon passed after the first few shots.
I shoot a 44lb recurve with carbon foam limbs and use 3-28/500 acc arrows. The target has no problems stopping them and indeed I get less penetration than I do at the clubs standard foam and straw butts. They draw out without issue even for my 8 year old. Conversely my son is shooting an 18lb take down with fiber glass arrows at about 15yrds. He has only had 1 bouncer and he has no issues drawing them either. Top quality item which I would highly recommend this product. Just remember to consider the positioning of any target for safety folks, bows and arrows are not toys! Keep up the good work Merlin. G Boyd
Review by Graeme
Top Target
(Posted on 25/06/2014)
Highly recommend this target. Got this for garden shooting and believe my garden is not big but this target takes carbon arrows over 13 metres from a 34# recurve in its sleep. Easy enough to move around but solid enough not to need a stand. Perfect for garden sessions. Love the design with 4 main target spots on one side and a diverting spider/web design on the other. Waterproof with easy use top handles - you can either leave out during most weather or easily put way if you want to. Great price when compared with similar items on the market.
Review by James
(Posted on 15/03/2014)
I bought 3 of these bag targets, they are really versatile, they have been shot at by beginner bows and 60lb compounds. The stopping ability and ease of arrow pulling is almost unbelievable.
They were delivered in short time and the delivery charges were reasonable especially as these bags weigh in at around 70lb each.
I was concerned that because arrows were so easy to pull, than a target pinned to one would just fall off. This is not the case, target pins hold as well as they would to a layered foam boss.
We are a field club and use these primarily indoors and for have a go events, however we are considering trying them on the course. .......we shall see. also considering getting some of the smaller bags (zombie) for use on our unmarked animal 2D range area. Great product guys well done!!
Review by Ken
(Posted on 13/02/2014)
Recommend this target bag had a wee go in my garage shooting a 60 lb bear with Easton cammo hunters at a distance of about 6ft the arrow only penetrated the bag about 5/6 inches and was removed with two fingers very impressed and the delivery was fast only 24 hours delivery as always a first class service from Merlin
Review by Thomas
(Posted on 13/02/2014)
Recommend this target bag had a wee go in my garage shooting a 60 lb bear with Easton cammo hunters at a distance of about 6ft the arrow only penetrated the bag about 5/6 inches and was removed with two fingers very impressed and the delivery was fast only 24 hours delivery as always a first class service from Merlin
Review by Thomas

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