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MAC Leather Bracer TD-5175

MAC Leather Bracer TD-5175
Product Code:701900
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Simple Leather Bracer, Colour currently supplied is a lighter brown leather than pictured.
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Nice idea, poor in practise.
(Posted on 23/04/2015)
I liked the look of this - simple, functional, looks nice. Problem is, that because the tension of the elastic is in the middle of the bracer, the ends stand out slightly and doesn't sit tight to my arm. Which means, because I have quite an open draw, the string gets caught behind it on release. It's been binned.
Review by Mike
Cheap and cheerful
(Posted on 04/02/2014)
Easy to put on and does what you need. Nothing fancy...
Review by David
(Posted on 22/05/2013)
You get what you pay for. I wouldn't agree with Ian's review of it not being compatible for men as the elastic stretches to fit; of course it will be a little tight but it will eventually fit properly.
Review by Anthony
(Posted on 04/02/2013)
After receiving this, the only was i can wear it is if i allow it to cut off circulation to my hand!
No size options so i took a risk, but it is was too small for me.
If you are unsure about your size i would recommend you choose one with a size option. This however should be find for a Lady or a Junior Teen.
However it looks and feels great, guess my daughter will be getting into archery now! :)
Review by Ian
(Posted on 09/05/2012)
the coloring as stated is different to that of the photo and i must say it is an improvement. this item does its job well very happy!
Review by Ryan

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