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MAC Leather Back Quiver TD-15

MAC Leather Back Quiver TD-15
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Simple black leather back quiver with brown trim and adjustable strap. Approximately 19' long with a 4' diameter opening narrowing to a 3' diameter base. (Arrows not included)
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Excellent value
(Posted on 22/05/2016)
After using a side quiver for field archery for some time I wanted to try a back quiver but didn't want to spend a fortune in case we didn't get on. This quiver was not only cheap enough but also felt to be good quality when I was checking it out at Merlin. Having tried it out in the woods a couple times I've mixed feelings. Its nice not having arrows banging against your legs while walking & climbing over fences and up ladders on shooting platforms is MUCH easier with a back quiver. Drawing arrows from the quiver is easy enough, as long you don't want a specific arrow, but trying to put them back in is a pain. I've also had all my arrows fall out a couple of times when bending down to retrieve arrows but I suppose these drawbacks are universal with all back quivers.
Once again, build quality on this quiver is excellent for the price so if you want to try a back quiver this is a good, cheap option
Review by Kev
Very good quiver.
(Posted on 28/01/2016)
Very good quiver, especially considering the price. Easy to adjust and Comfortable to wear.
Review by Matt
Quite good for the price!
(Posted on 16/09/2014)
I feel like this quiver was made for riding. It comes with two adjustable straps with clasps that join onto a ring. When adjusted to be comfy, the ring sat on my sternum. I have found that I can run, jump and possibly ride (though Iv not tried it) without it rocking about too much, my longer arrows were in the perfect place for quick draw and easy storage. The leather seems to be strong and tough.
Hope this is helpful!
Review by Noah

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