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MAC Leather Back Quiver TD-06

MAC Leather Back Quiver TD-06
Product Code:701406
In Store Price:£20.52

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Clean and simple design. Leather back quiver with adjustable straps and arrow separators. Approximately 20' long with a 6' opening. (Arrows not included)
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Nice Quiver for Price
(Posted on 27/02/2018)
For the price can't go wrong, and suited for some customisation. Straps appear to be fully adjustable so should fit most shapes. It does have little straps to separate different arrows at the top, but take them out to get better access when replacing arrows when on your back. Easily holds 18 arrows and probably more.
Finally Super Delivery Service from Merlin.
Review by KJP
Does the job well
(Posted on 22/08/2017)
Another great service from Merlin, I ordered Saturday afternoon and received my items Tuesday morning.
The quiver seems quite well made and for the price the leather feels quite nice.
But there is a few minor things I dislike but none of them are a deal breaker as I will customise it my self.
The arrow separating straps at the top are a pain when putting arrows back in so I simply removed the and that's that,
The one thing that I really think was slightly bad design is the way the thin leather straps attach the lower part of the straps to the quiver by going in and out of two holes in the quiver, yea it works but it seems poorly thought out.

Once on and adjusted the quiver works are you would expect, it's quite comfortable and just works.
Review by Sally
Good bad and ok.
(Posted on 30/01/2017)
Its nice looking quiver, it has 2 shiny studs at the top that isnt shown in the picture that stands out, a niggle but i dont particulally like that.
The sizing is abit strange, im a large in jumper size 6'2 and the starp is way to roomy on the smallest setting, had to put a new hole about 2 inches further up the strap to get the arrows stitting in the right place.
The arrow dividers are really annoying , they are divided by tassles and they bunch up making it pretty much impossible to put arrows back in any order.

You have to play with this and get used to it but its well made and nice looking and really cool having a back quiver.

Review by Richard
Great Product
(Posted on 14/03/2014)
This is my first back quiver and very pleased. Sits nicely where you need it to, doesnt move and didnt take long to get used to using it. would recommend for a first back quiver even for the bigger archer ( I've a 50" chest and plenty of adjustment left) Good quality product for a very reasonable price
Review by wytenyte

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