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MAC Back Quiver TD-1928

MAC Back Quiver TD-1928
Product Code:704623
In Store Price:£9.30

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New Back quiver from MAC Accessories, fully adjusable to fit everyone from juniors to adults with an innotive padded velcro strap system.

Dimensions 18'x 5'x 2.5'
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Good Value & Quality
(Posted on 05/07/2018)
Excellent value for money. for this price you wouldn't expect great quality but these are definitely the exception, they are really well made.
Interesting & very effective way of adjusting the length of the padded shoulder strap.
Very easy to get arrows in and out of when correctly fitted.
Review by Tim
Excellent value for the measley price =)
(Posted on 08/10/2015)
Purchased this, and went shooting the same day. No instructions, but it didn't take long to work out. Personally I have one if the straps over one arm at an angle and the other under arm for stability on the oppising angle. The quiver sits just right at arrow reaching distance when fully adjusted to yourself and doesn't move. Not for sharing as when set up you won't want to mess about with it.

I love the idea of a hidden insert that you use to release the velcro on the main padded strap.

Well made, good stitching and quality material for the measley price.

Recommended for the ones who are old school and those willing to try a back quiver!
Review by Wayne
great bit of kit for price
(Posted on 21/03/2014)
Great buy no problem setting up for adult or child
My lad loves it very cool as far as he's concerned set up him self no problems
Review by mike
Fantastic for the money
(Posted on 06/12/2013)
I wanted to write this review as I had the opposite experience to Matt's review of this product. Admittedly this is the first back quiver I have ever owned or used for that matter so I am no expert on the subject but what I can say with confidence is that I found it easy to reach arrows.

What the pictures don't show you is the adjustable velcro strap system which attaches the padded shoulder to the quiver. Adjusting this allowed me to get the quiver quite high on my shoulder and within easy reach even for much shorter 20" crossbow bolts. The strap itself is also adjustable to ensure the quiver is high enough to reach. Although I had to tighten it almost all the way up, I have a 40" chest so if you are of a much smaller frame you might have to do a little sewing to get it tight.

Only other thing is as this is canvas I would not recommend it for use with broadheads even though the base of the quiver is plastic reinforced.
Review by Jason
Good quality, but disappointing design.
(Posted on 09/09/2013)
I was initially pleasantly surprised upon receiving this quiver, the build quality was better than I was expecting for the price. However, when it comes to actual use, the quiver falls short.

I bought two of these, one for me and one for my shooting buddy. We messed around with them for a long time trying to get them to sit in a position on our backs where we could actually reach the arrows, but try as we might, we couldn't get it set up in any sort of usable way. In the end we've given up and now just hang them off our belts with carabinas.

So, good construction, but bad design renders this quiver, unfortunately, a bit useless. Shame really.
Review by Matt

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