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Gray Archery Recurve Riser AIX 25" Right Handed Grey

Gray Archery Recurve Riser AIX 25" Right Handed Grey
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International limb fitting riser from Gray Archery.

Key features:

Packed with innovative features not seen in any riser before.
Range of customisation features and accessories make it an ideal choice for olympic recurve - but also barebow shooting.
Innovative shaped riser gives reduced horizontal nock travel.
Simple to use limb alignment system for easy tuning and excellent, reduced stress, limb fit.
Adjustable stiffness with removable damping bridge for vibration reduction (see related items below - not included).
Weight mounting points in 10 different places for maximum balance options while maintaining a sleek look.
Popular 25" riser length.
Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: ILF
Material: Aluminium
Length Options: 25"
Weight: 1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)
Handedness: RH or LH
Finish: Hard Coated Anodized. Grey only.
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