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Fivics Titan X2 Recurve Riser - 25"

Fivics Titan X2 Recurve Riser - 25"
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Fivics Titan Plus riser

New revolution of shooting feeling. The best bow speed.

The Titan Plus riser has been developed to minimize the unnecessary movement during the moment of the shot, and has achieved the top bow speed by controlling the strength, angle and weight of the riser. Once shot, you can feel it is true!

The Titan Plus riser features a stunning attention to detail and a beautiful colour range.

Riser Length: 25in
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 1315g
Models: RH and LH
Accepts International Fitting Limbs (ILF)
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Totally brilliant riser.
(Posted on 04/03/2019)
I bought this riser on the strength of the few reviews I could find online. All these reviewers rated Fivics products very highly ~ and I have to fully endorse that verdict. My most recent previous riser was 'just' an intermediate, but the quality of finish and manufacture of this Fivics is a world apart. For me it just feels perfect in the hand and the weight of 1.3kgs may not be to everyone's preference but I like the feel of a solid bow. This riser has a stabiliser insert just below the grip on the INSIDE of the bow which is ideal for me as I like to shoot with a short weight screwed in at that point as well as the long rod, V bar and twins. In contrast to some other manufacturers who produce a bewildering array of risers and limbs, Fivics concentrates on only two risers (Titan & Vellator) and two basic limb options, though wood or foam cores can be specified in both options.
(I've also just taken delivery of a pair of Titan EX foam core limbs.)
The only thing that puzzles me about Fivics is why there are not many more of their products on shooting lines.
Review by Jim

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Fivics Titan X2 Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Blue^
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Fivics Titan X2 Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Blue^

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