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Mybo Certo Short Rod

Mybo Certo Short Rod
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Not all stabilisers are created equally.

The Certo and Aeris stabilisers are how all stabilisers should be made – For tournament archers, competing in real world shooting conditions.


  • 20mm, high rigidity carbon shaft

  • Solid aluminium mounting bushings

  • Silicone damper unit (included)

  • Solid Steel weights (included)

  • Adjustable mounting thread to ensure graphics are always the right way up!


Q – Are they designed for recurve or compound bows?
A – Both. There is no difference between a reurve or compound stabiliser.

Q - What is the difference between the CERTO and AERIS?
A – The shaft.

The CERTO features a pure carbon, 100% unidirectional shaft for maximum possible rigidity. (22% stiffer than Aeris. 50% stiffer than some other leading brands). The CERTO shaft is approximatly 12% lighter than the AERIS shaft.

The AREIS features a dual core carbon shaft. 1 x 1mm 100% pure carbon, unidirectional layer. 1 x 1mm carbon mix layer.

Q - What is the difference between the dampers?
A - Flexibility.

The standard 25mm damper is suitable for most applications and can hold up to 4 steel weights.

The 40mm damper is recommended only for 1 steel weight.

For additional specifications please visit

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Great short rods
(Posted on 07/04/2016)
I love the Certo stabiliser, well constructed, rigid, takes a ton of weight with super dampening. Top end stabiliser, made by Merlin archery. Half the price of a Doinker platinum but equally brilliant.
Review by Gus
Top short rod
(Posted on 26/06/2015)
Use this on my W&W. Nice quality and does the job. Would recommend. Looks spiffing on bow too.
Review by Dave
absolutely amazing stabilizers
(Posted on 05/03/2015)
after trying many different stabilizers i bought these to try and they are amazing. hold dead steady on the target. i currently have 13 of the weights attached to my 12 inch side rod and they feel amazing. super steady and take loads of vibration and noise out of the shot. best rods for the money and well made too. perfect for my compound target setup
Review by Jack Slug
(Posted on 22/09/2013)
I was given the chance at Lilleshall to try out different stabilizers all of the top brands!!!
and Rikki is one of our coaches for the W1 training camp and works for Merlin so asked her if we could try her Mybo stabilizers and she just happened to have a spare set for us to try well all I can say is AWESOME!!!
I bought 2 sets as a result they are QUALITY and can take as much weight as you need with ease.
They make my bow perfectly balanced and I prefer them with out the rubber shock absorbers fitted but thats just me it does not effect there performance at all in any way.

Review by John Walker
perfect weight distribution at reduced length
(Posted on 08/06/2013)
bought 15” one on show at the british university indoor championships and have since used it as my standard long rod set up, i found that the rigidity this offers and weight distribution allows for my perfect desired weight distribution. also makes for a perfect field stabiliser.
Review by jack

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